Send a file with WhatsApp in Lumia 620: How

Send a file with WhatsApp in Lumia 620

WhatsApp is quickly becoming the number one choice of phone-based messengers around the world and around mobile phone platforms. The messenger allows users to not only to chat in an IM like fashion and real time which is a great plus for folks that find regular messaging a tad too slow for their liking. The messenger also allows users to send and receive files like audio clips, video clips and images from their phone to their contacts on WhatsApp. However, users of the Nokia Lumia 620 have found using the file exchange feature of the messenger rather difficult to navigate as the model features the lower end of specifications.

What is WhatsApp?

The smartphone messenger WhatsApp Messenger is an application that allows users to stay in touch with their contacts through IM. The application isn’t too different in its functioning to other cross platform messengers like Nimbuzz though fans of the app claim that its ability to instantly transfer image, audio and video files within an IM conversation makes it a lot different to the other such apps available in the market at the moment. Also, users using WhatsApp only need to have the messenger downloaded and installed on their phone to be able to use it and do not need to make a special ID to use its services unlike many of its rivals.

WhatsApp is available for download on all Nokia smartphones including its latest lineup of Lumia smartphone series. The app uses the Wi-Fi or 3G connection available on the smartphone to connect to the internet. For the first year, the use of the application is absolutely free though after a year it costs around $0.99 annually to run the application.

How to download and install WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia 620?

In February 2013, WhatsApp updated to version 2.9.3 for Nokia Lumia. This update allows the app to display the last message received on Windows Phone 8’s Large Live Tile. The update also include a number of crash fixes, stability improvement, app loading time fixe and allows users to view profile images in full screen mode. To download WhatsApp version 2.9.3for Nokia Lumia, users can go to the WhatsApp main site using their phone’s browser or find and download the app from the Windows Phone Store.

Once the application is downloaded on the device, users would need to provide their phone numbers after which the app would verify it. Once the verification is complete, the application will ask if the user wants to permit it to go through its phonebook and search for contacts that already have the application installed on their phones. Users can permit this action to allow WhatsApp to automatically search for contacts using the app or choose to manually add selected friends in their WhatsApp friends list.

How to send files through WhatsApp on Nokia Lumia 620?

A lot of people using WhatsApp on their Nokia Lumia 620 Windows 8 Phone complaint that they are unable to use the “send files” option with the messenger. However, that is not a problem in the software of the application as it a limitation of the specification of the phone itself. You see, in a bid to keep the high end phone within a certain price point, Microsoft had to skimp on quite a few standard features including the File Manager which is actually very crucial to sending and receiving files through 3rd party apps like WhatsApp.

However, the problem can be very easily solved by simply downloading a basic file manager to access files stored on the phone’s internal memory as well as the SD card. Remember, you may have to do a bit of research to see which file manager apps are best suited to your needs and which ones are available in your region. Some of these are free while others can be downloaded for a fair price. Now when the next time you need to send a file through WhatsApp, you can simply navigate to the WhatsApp Gallery>SD card>Images etc. to access the files stored on your Nokia Lumia 620.

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