Interesting Facts About Upcoming Windows 9

Interesting Facts about upcoming windows 9

I often call Window s 8 to be a disaster, since it promised many things but ended up doing very less for its users. Since past two years of its advent, Microsoft was seen doing all the damage control to finally embark with a brand new version called Windows 9. In fact, I found Windows 7 to be better than the 8 and 8.1 versions. In fact, there were many top class companies, which were seen clinging to Window 7 for their business use and they were reluctant to take up the Windows 8 when it barged out with a bang in the market. I didn’t like Windows 8 and call it as a disaster because it is basically optimized for the touch screen users, and thus was seen hampering the productivity of many users who relied over it for business use. Perhaps, the upcoming Windows 9 could be called as better bets at least when you compare it with the current versions like 8 and 8.1. I have gathered some Interesting Facts about upcoming windows 9, let’s check them out:

The Start Menu Returns

As per the rumours, which I have checked over the web since past few days, in Windows 9, you would see the charms disappearing the start menu getting back with this upcoming version. I am a happy man to see this, as I still have problems working with those nasty charms to work over the Windows 8. However, with the return of Start Menu, which I feel is a damage control strategy of Microsoft; people would love upgrading to this version and thus get rid of the old and full of hassles version of Windows called Win 8.

The Cloud Windows in Win 9

I checked this rumour coming from the rumour mills that this time Microsoft would embark with Cloud Windows in Windows 9. Well, this rumour is seen surfacing from the Wzor, who often is seen giving tangible and authentic info about the IT world and its happenings. Also, the company is working on Chrome kind of platform, which will be useful for the budget devices. These operating systems would now need the internet connection (for complete functionality), yet could be workable over its offline mode.

Better display scaling

I was often dismayed to see how the earlier versions of Windows unable to cope up with the higher resolution devices manufacturers. The moment the screen resolution was seen exceeding the 1920 by 1080 programs especially like Vegas Pro, the icons simply used to turn out very many tiny making things bad to worse. Thank God, now I would find better display scaling, thanks to the Retina quality display support in Windows 9, which seems better for several devices including Surface Pro 2.

Enhanced anti virus

I always had concerns for viruses while using the earlier versions for Windows. Though the company has now embarked with regular security updates and even created the Microsoft Security Essentials into Windows 8 but it has failed critically. Now, with Intel overtaking the McAfee Software, you end up getting extra and robust antivirus solutions for the Windows 9.

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