Hot Summer! Dress Up Your Home For The Season With These Curtain Ideas

Quick and easy updates brought springtime charm to the covered deck of the 2015 HGTV Spring House.

There are many ways to change a room’s decor without spending a lot of money. All you need is a little imagination to get started. Replacing curtains with newer, more modern variants is a great way to start. Lighten up your personal space, make it stand out and start focusing more on window treatments. The right shades will completely redefine the way your home feels and looks.

Summertime is just around the corners, and many householders have already started looking for ways to make their homes feel comfortable and cool. How do we cope with the heat without sacrificing style? First and foremost, we should look for the best color palette for our windows; next, we must choose materials properly. Last but not least, have to pay close attention to accessories. Dress up your home for the hot season and take your inspiration from the following curtain ideas.

Neutral curtains for an extra touch of freshness

Beige, yellow and accents of gold here and there will completely transform your room, whether it’s a bedroom or living area. Neutral window treatments give spaces an unprecedented elegant effect; these hues are the perfect ground for a stylish, up-beat environment where you can play with colors and change your décor every time you feel like it.

Neutral patterns in particular, are extremely versatile. Geometric accents add fluidity and movement into any room of the house, whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen or living area. On sofas and curtains, geometric patterns create the loveliest contrast, adding warmth and comfort.


Sheer elegance

When decorating a living room or bedroom, the most important accessories are the window treatments. Rooms without proper shades look empty and boring; however, it’s not always about the curtains. Sometimes the accessories that accompany the curtains can make an even greater impression. Believe it or not, an architectural hang with oversized rings can be a lot more impressive than any type of curtain. Bring a touch of sheer elegance into your home, and give your windows the treatment they deserve. Invest in quality, keep things simple but chic and your home will exude freshness and style.

Light pink draping

Think pink this summer season and adorn your living room with pink drapes and curtains. But make sure to avoid bright hues; instead, opt for pastel pink accents and complement the lightness with darker shades in stronger accents of dark brown, marsala or black. The contrasting colors will definitely make your windows stand out, not to mention that the whole vibe in your home will be changed.

Dramatic curtains

If you want your personal space to appear more dramatic and stylish, you might want to rethink your choice of curtains and drapes for the windows. Rather than opting for the perfect fit (width and length), choose to break the rules. Loose linens that touch the ground are an excellent choice; they exude extravagance and style, and they have the power to completely transform the general appearance of a space.


Window treatments accessories

The industrial trend is back, and this season the accents are bolder than ever. Make your windows stand out with exquisite curtains and accessories. After you’ve chosen your curtains it’s time to have them installed. But before we do that, we must learn to make smart choices. Stainless steel hooks, rod brackets and rings are an excellent way of emphasizing on the industrial trend. The roughness of the steel can be easily complemented by soft curtains made of the most exquisite materials. Silk, Egyptian cotton and damask are ideal in bedrooms and living areas.

Dress your personal space for the hot summer season and think outside the box when decorating. Rooms with too much light should have darker curtains to prevent harming the delicate furniture while creating a more intimate atmosphere inside the home. However, dark curtains don’t necessarily block heat. An excellent alternative would be to choose thicker material choices for the curtains, like damask or linen in light shades.

Regardless of your choice, the key ingredient for a comfortable and stylish home is to keep things simple. Choose a dominant color but don’t let it take over your space. Splashes of colors are more than welcomed too.

By Paul Trevino and!


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