Fuel your imagination with these four rules of unconventional business events


Unconventional business events are in trend right now, and increasingly more companies are acknowledging the importance of doing business outside the office. The more unusual they are the higher chances you have to make your business goals heard. Choose a place that screams originality, and add a personal touch to make it your own. This will convince attendees that your business event is something different; something they’ve never seen before and will be intrigued to know more about it.

Get out of your comfort zone, and go beyond classic ballrooms and conventional meeting rooms. Fuel your imagination and have a closer look at the following 4 rules of picking unconventional event venues to make your presentation unique.

Location with an impact

Locations with an impact are the best – outdoor areas like parks, gardens, and even the beach are inspiring. They’re outside, which is exactly what will entice attendees. Check the weather first, and make sure your business event is scheduled to take place on a beautiful day. Use your creativity to decorate it. Place chairs and tables, adorn them with nice food and drinks and give your venue a personal touch. It should intrigue your guests. You might even consider hiring an event planner to help keep things organized and on a budget. Outdoor venues have the greatest impact because they exude freshness; it will make attendees feel welcomed and they’ll be more than willing to listen to you in a natural habitat surrounded by trees, flowers and green plains.


All venues for business presentations must be well-defined. Attendees must know where the entrance is, where to buy tickets from, and whether or not they must reserve seats. Open-air venues held in gardens and parks should be outlined. This way you prevent people without a ticket or invitation to enter the meeting and occupy seats reserved for those with a ticket or genuine interest in what you’re advertising. Set up a tent or gazebo to draw attention; make sure your business logo and brand are visible (use a banner or billboard) and place the stage someplace in the middle or in the front, but make it taller. You want people to see and hear you.

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It is important to have a theme laid out for your unconventional business venue. It will help you draw attention and make people puzzled about your business and products or services. Regardless of your topic and presentation style, the venue must reveal at least some aspects of what you want to convey. A black tie event decorated in an elegant, sophisticated manner; with candle lights, red carpet at the entrance and music might symbolize that you’re looking for business partners; and that your speech is all about searching for investors and people eager to invest in your company. Of course, it can also imply that you’re a wine merchant/investor and that you’ve organized an outdoor meeting to market your new product. Regardless of the purpose of your event, the location and theme must support your business goals.

Interact with attendees

Connecting with attendees on a more personal level makes them feel important. The more original the choice of venue the better chances you have to make people feel comfortable in your presence. Throughout the speech it might be a good idea to welcome their questions. Give them the chance to speak and if they have any queries, you should find a way to give them an answer. Make the event seem laid-back and casual; this will instill a sense of comfort and they won’t freak out if you look them in the eye and ask them something personal.


Unconventional business events are mandatory in a company, regardless of its domain. Whether you’re the owners of an important IT enterprise or just small business owners whose getting started in the business world, it is important to make employees feel valued. Get create and think about the wellbeing of your staff. If you can’t afford to reward them every month, you can at least organize them a monthly party where they can socialize and make new friends. Unconventional business events are the real deal; they can boost morale and make employees find meaning in working for you.

By Maxwell Donovan and WildernessReserve.com!

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