The Top Benefits Of Embedding Social Wall On Website

If you are out of your way and are still exploring new content to make your website stand out from the rest and your competitors, then you have landed at the right place!

By the title of the post, you must have figured out that we are going to tell you about the social media wall and its benefits. However, if you are new to the concept of a social wall, then make your way to the end of this post.

We are sure you will be pushed to leverage the social wall on your website.

What Is A Social Media Wall?

In simple terms, a social wall is a collection of social media feeds in a customized and unified format. A social media wall ensures that the content of the website stays updated and lively. The aggregated content can then be embedded on various platforms including the website of a brand.

A social wall offers much more than just increasing the vibrancy of the website. If you are thinking that creating and embedding a social media wall will be difficult and time-consuming, then that is not the case. Using an appropriate social media aggregator tool, you can effectively complete the process.

Advantages Of Embedding Social Media Wall On Website

1.     Increase the engagement on your website

Embedding a social media wall on website is a great way and a no-fail strategy to tremendously increase your website’s engagement rate. Website engagement is quite difficult to attain and social media can help you achieve it.

People love spending a huge amount of time daily, scrolling through their social media feeds. Further, aggregating and embedding them on the website would immediately push them to increase their stay time on your website, leading to more engagement.

2.     Boost up your following on social media

Social media users look forward to following pages and brands that post good quality and fun content and enjoy a wide presence.

When you display a social wall on your website, you give your website visitors an insight into your social media content and its presence. If they are interested in your content, then there is a high chance they will redirect to your social media page and may hit the Follow button to stay updated with your content.

3.     Build your brand’s social proof

Social media platforms are a hub of User-Generated content. The existing users of a brand highly use social media to express their views or opinions on their preferred brand and their recommended products.

Further aggregating and embedding the content in the form of a social media wall works brilliantly to display how much your customers are liking and using your products. First-time customers are always apprehensive to make a purchase from another brand.

Therefore, they highly use User-Generated content in their purchase-related journey and make their decisions based on the recommendations of the existing customers. This helps in creating the social proof of the brand and instills faith and confidence in your potential customers.

4.     A chance to increase your conversion rate

A brand can see a significant increase in its sales and conversion rates when the customers are engaged with the brand and have complete faith in the brand.

Gaining the faith of the prospective customers is mandatory and it can happen after you embed a social media wall on the website.

5.     Enhance the presence of your website

Lastly, if you are looking for a way to effectively increase the overall vibe and presence of your website, then this strategy can be your best bet.

Social media feeds are a mix of interesting images, videos, GIFs, etc., which when embedded on your website can instantly revamp the complete look of your website. Even though having good quality content on the website is crucial, it is important to concentrate on the design bit also since no one likes to spend time on a dull-looking website!

Final Thoughts

We have reached the conclusion section of the post and you are aware of the significance and relevance of embedding a social media wall on a website. This strategy has grown tremendously in popularity and emerged to become a vital part of every marketer’s marketing game!

Go on now, select a responsive social media aggregation tool you will be set to enjoy all these benefits and much more!

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