Effects of Technology on Humans


The technology is brought to us by the human ingenuity. Again the human life is controlled by the technology. So the pairing about the technology and the human is inevitable. It works just like a chain. If you cut a portion of it, then immediately the other portion will be dislodged. So directly, you can never separate the technology and the human as well. Even, the immediate impact on their existence will be visible to all. So in this context, we can expect the effect of technology on the humans. Logically speaking, technology means science. So without science, the human life is impossible. When you are talking about the effects of technology on the humans which means that you are actually talking about the effects of science on the humans.


Due to the technology, the human intelligence has been increased in the higher proportion. As you will see that the current human endurance and achievement has been surfaced with a high note which will ultimately indicate that the technology wins over the human perception and intelligence as well. Actually, as the human intelligence increases, the understanding about the unknowns has been simplified. So the difference or the difficult overcame. If you are asking for the meaning of the intelligence, then you should think about your style, etiquette and behavior which are the parts of the intelligence. As you know that the intelligence is a feeling, so we observe it through our actions like style, etiquette and behavior.


Actually, your conception will be controlled by the technology. Because, it will steer you to the point of imagination where you will able to build your conception. Actually, the technology will open the horizon of opportunities which will ultimately help you to make your conception.


Actually, knowledge is a part of the technology itself. Without knowledge, the technology will never influence on the humans as well. Because, the technology will shine with knowledge and it will ultimately give effect on the humans. So knowledge will inculcate the seeds of enthusiasm in the humans for making the technology works for them.


The technology will give you the ways for imagining anything which is a part of our life as well. Moreover, the humans will able to transform the imagination in the reality through the technology as well. Actually, it is a circle of creativity which will guide the humans for making the imagination with the technology.


It is no doubt that the technology has been helping the humans to live active and happy. So in this connection, the technology gives the maximum impact of the quality of health to the humans as well. Even, the mortality and medical science has been witnessed the massive development in the healthcare and the quality human life.


If the technology is not developed in the present, then the human life will never build the quality relationship in the society. Actually, the technology inspires the humans to collaborate with the fellows in the society in a wise manner and make the relationship more long lasting as well.

Therefore, the effects of the technology on the humans is immense and it is very much solid. So we can never ignore it. Rather we follow the technology and make our life more comfortable and viable as well.


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