Digital marketing secrets you never know

Digital Marketing

Whether you are new or old in your business, you face competition in the market. After all, we live in a fierce competition where things are bad and thus we need to be competitive all the time. This is the time when we see modern-day businesses adopting digital marketing options. However, if you are among the novices who have just stepped in on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram, then you are many more things to explore. There are many more things that help you grow as a brand in the market. Marketing hacks are simply a new buzzword and what is more vital is your brand. The more you remain true and loyal to your customer the best you get for your audience. Though one may not find one size fits all magical methods to boost up your brand there are many lesser methods to offer you effective solutions seeking digital marketing. Remember marketing is like a marathon and not a spring, how about catching up Digital marketing secrets you never know as under:

Try Paid Social Promotions

Most of the brands often claim that they have tried Facebook ads but they were unlucky to get any result. However, the fact is they have not tried with their heart and souls or have carried out with a big mistake. The fact is the social media marketing is cheap and very much affordable in most of the cases and give you endless results. With passing day, the social media algorithms seem to be changing with days. Even if you rely on the paid campaigns, you are bound to get huge results. Facebook offers you many options to embark upon custom to make a marketing campaign that makes your brand closer to your target audience.

Engage Your Target Audience Using the 80/20 Rule

You find your marketing team posting too often on Twitter but do you know often do they communicate with their customers or other brands. We often see funny posts from different companies going viral once any snarky customer service member is seen publishing something different and unique. This kind of engagement talk volumes for your target audience and they simply want to hear from you in different ways, which you do not involve self-promotion. With an 80/20 rule, one can get more customer engagement. This rule helps in promoting the content by using 20 percent of the time, while 80 percent of your time goes in interacting with other brands, content, and customers.

Video Marketing

It has now become a new content marketing option. Earlier it was the text that remains king a few years and now have the videos. If you have been active on social media you could have found many videos going viral and catching your attention. Forget about the silly prank video but there are many content-rich videos which deliver to your ideal customer. The videos are successful because they stop the users in their tracks, they remain eye-catching more than pictures and simply to watch, and they also allow the users to interact with your company face to face. If you can embark upon videos with interesting stories, products, and services to get the attention can make all the difference.

Influencer Marketing

Influence is a person who has a good impact on the online world having a huge audience as followers or fans. These often remain as the gurus, celebrities, bloggers, or You Tubers and these people add value to all your marketing strategy. When it comes to influencer marketing, you get the chance to promote all your product and thus offer services with the help of a new voice. The key to influencer marketing is very much simpler than you think, you do not have to fall for any pretty numbers. However, just because any influence is known to have 100k social media followers, it does not simply mean that he or she is the right fit for yours. Instead, you need to check for an audience, which is engaged with the influencer and an audience, which aligns with your brand.

Clear Calls to Actions

Though several marketers and businesses claim to carry their calls to action, which remain nailed down tight, they probably do not do things. If you are seen with landing pages, which is not converting then you should check for the CTAs. People would need a clear cut action page to make out any decision. So, what goes into the influential CTA, it covers the actionable verbs and phrases. Avoid being too wordy and know where you need to place your CTAs. Avoid using the same page, finally, consider the sales funnel. Avoid using more than one over the same page along with finally considering the sale funnel.  By having the option Buy Now, CTA over the home page can become your best plan but with a sign up for the newsletter can become more effective.

Offer Something Free

Everyone loves free stuff, well who does not? If you have any inexpensive product or the ones that remain in the downloadable format that you can offer, this can be the best way to generate your mailing list for your brand. You can easily offer like a bonus for the ones who would sign up for the services or make any purchase or you can simply use it like an opting choice for your email list. Even if you thought you have nothing much offer for free, you can find a how-to guide, free recipe, and a tutorial video that makes sense for your business.

Tell a Story

One of the biggest marketing mistakes one can find in marketing is to focus more on the logo or colors without ignoring the story. We do not consider stories to be like our connections, which caused to buy several new things. If your brand fails to tell you any compelling story then nobody would buy from you. You may get a feeling that you are a logical shopper but science has a contrary story to tell. We still shop with our emotions and this is where the story helps in reaching to the target audience.


Regardless of the digital marketing strategies you use to promote your brand, make sure you remain consistent in your efforts. Digital Marketing will not offer an overnight result but focused efforts with consistency can make the difference. The above strategies can help you a lot.

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