Digging deep into Nokia Lumia 1020

Digging deep into Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia is a big brand, which has brought up a variety of good mobile handsets and smartphone devices in the past. But with this latest smartphone device called Nokia Lumia 1020 it will re-establish in the market with a new name and identity. This will certainly going to make Nokia a leading brand in terms of smartphone giving a competition to Apple and Google. The much talked and hyped Nokia Lumia 1020 in coming future, which would be launched in the forthcoming event at New York. Lumia 1020 is known to have some of the most incredible camera of 41 MP shooter, which is among the most remarkable phones in Lumia series. It is a Windows 8 phone device, which comes at a hefty cost, but considering some of the most incredible features, Nokia Lumia 1020 stands out. Let’s check few of these as under:

The camera

One of the vital features of Nokia Lumia 1020 is the camera, and said above, it happens to be 41MP. It has the potentials of recording the ultra HD quality videos and pictures carrying a three dimensional in it. The camera is backed with a Pureview image processing software, which gives the user an incredible quality of picture or videos. The resolution of its camera is reported to be of high resolution (3x zoom) having the feature of autofocus and a dual flash system. It carries a small LED flash, which supplements the bigger Xenon flash. Lastly the audio technology as added by Nokia seems to be very rich, which enables the device to record crystal clear and distortion free sound even when you record things in a louder kind of environment.

General specs

Nokia Lumia 1020 runs on Windows 8, which is the latest operating system from Microsoft. It is powered by the processor- dual-core Snapdragon S4, carrying a 2GB RAM and the internal memory of 32GB with 7GB as free MS SkyDrive space for cloud storage. Furthermore, the graphic support found in this device is simply incredible, which happens to be with Adreno 330 Plus. The screen of Nokia Lumia 1020 is of 4.5 inches Amoled Pure Motion HD display of 1,280×768-pixel.  The Clear Black filter of Nokia is located at the top for cutting down the outdoor glare. Carrying a new guard, this phone has some of the most ultrasensitive touch screens, which can be operated using gloved hand or fingernail.

Its launch and price

Nokia Lumia 1020 is about to hit the US market first, followed by Britain and in Europe. This will follow the places at the east in countries like India, Thailand and other Asian countries, which is expected to be in the coming September of this year. Talking about the cost, as said above, this would be among the expensive devices (1000 dollars) from Nokia in Lumia series. But looking at the number of interesting features, which is still not revealed completely the above quoted cost by the company is worthy enough to choose.


Nokia this time has come up with entirely a different smartphone device with Nokia Lumia 1020. The powerful camera in it just the tip of the ice berg, which many of the other interesting features is still to come out. Let’s wait and watch for this incredible smartphone from Nokia.

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