Damaged Smartphones: Fix the Old Or Buy A New One?

Apple’s new iPhones are bigger and better. Its main competitor Samsung Mobile has launched sexy and sleek 4G flagship smartphones. Just because mobile phone manufacturers are coming with the latest and greatest devices, it doesn’t mean that your old smartphone has become obsolete. You don’t need to spend your hard earned cash just because your existing handset is one or two years old, has a few scratches, the battery doesn’t last long like it did before, etc. If you purchase a new smartphone just because of those reasons, then you might be wasting some serious money out there.

So, how would you know, if you’re better off buying a phone by replacing the old one or repairing the existing one? Here’s how:

Don’t Buy Or Repair Your Smartphone If:

  1. You only want to have the latest and greatest phone for no reason. Your phone or tablet is in perfect working condition, but you’re tempted to upgrade because there’s something new to drool over. Try your best to resist the urge in investing in a new device. For example your current smartphone doesn’t have 4G/5G/LTE networks, so you’re thinking of buying that new Samsung 4G mobile phone, even though you don’t have much information about the technology. This is particularly when money is tight, and your smartphone is just a few months old. Instead, spice up your device, but putting on a new case or a skin. Your smartphone will have a new look and you have saved some cash.

  1. You’re out of storage. If you’ve run out of storage space on your phone to store all your pictures, music, videos, apps, etc.; then buy a higher capacity storage card and extend the storage capacity of your device. However, this is only for those who have a memory card slot in their smartphones. Another approach is you can save some of your media on your computer. This is will also free some space on your phone, and you don’t have a buy a new phone or even a memory card for that matter.
  1. You have a shattered screen. If you’ve have cracked the fragile display of your smartphone, you get it in tip-top condition just by replacing the cracked screen with a replacement unit. Usually, replacing broken screen on smartphones cost around $100 depending on the brand and model. It is way cheaper than buying a new phone just because your current phone screen is broken.
  1. Your carrier contract has ended. Replacing your smartphone before your carrier contracts end in a not a good idea and can cost you big time. If you aren’t satisfied with the services plan of your current carrier and want to switch or just want to upgrade, then the procedure can cost you as much as $40. You might also have to pay for device entirely for yourself.
  1. You don’t know how to use your smartphone. If you don’t know how to operate your smartphone the way it was intended to be, like calling, texting, internet browsing, install apps, snap a photo, etc., take help from your local carrier outlet. They will surely help you out on how to get the most from your devices. If you’re an Apple iPhone user, then your local Apple store will help you out.

Replace Your Smartphone If:

  1. You still don’t know how to use your smartphone. If you’ve been using your smartphone or tablet, but occasionally resisted to smash it into the wall or throw it out from your window, it’s highly likely that you’re finding it hard to operate the device properly. The phone is simply too complicated for you to understand and use. In this situation, replace your existing phone with the one the fits your requirements, easy to use and fits your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re an iPhone or an Android guy or even a Windows phone, you’ll find a phone that’s right for you.
  1. Your phone is a few years old. If you can run the latest games or apps, or even use the most recent network on your phone, it can mean only one thing. Your phone is basically a relic and need replacement. Upgrade to one of those fancy smartphones and use all the newest and greatest features.

  1. Your phone has become unusable – literally. You can tell your phone is unusable, if you can’t find a replacement screen in case your phone’s screen is cracked, has extensive water damage, the camera doesn’t take images, or has other internal problems, that makes it hard to use the phone in a normal way. If that’s the case, then you need to buy a new phone. You can check various repair sites to find out how much will it cost you to fix the phone. If you see that fixing it will cost more than buying a new one, then go ahead and upgrade.
  1. You need to upgrade. There is no good reason to keep using your old phone, no matter how much you like using it after you find that it will cost less to buy a new one instead than repairing your existing phone. Check out various sites, if they offer a good deal on the phone or tablet prices by exchanging your old device.


Whatever the circumstances, before you buy a new phone or repair you existing device, make sure smaller or hidden costs don’t dupe you along the way. Purchasing a new smartphone may seem like a cheaper alternative at first, but it might not be until you add all the additional charges like the activation fees, your carrier’s service plan costs for two years and so on.

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