Best SEO Techniques to follow in 2016


Search engine optimization is an ever-growing facet of the online world. The struggle of appearing on the first page of search engines make webmasters and SEO experts come up with new techniques and strategies every now and then.

2015 has been a roller-coaster ride for SEO experts and webmasters with new Google algorithm and PageRank updates. While a majority of websites gained benefits of the new updates, there are several webmaster who had to face a little disappointment.

However, where 2015 is coming to an end and a new year is arriving, it’s time to compile the list of latest SEO techniques that are set to rule in 2016.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is not something new for 2016. It has gained a lot of buzz in 2015 and continue to do so. CRO is the process of improving sales leads without putting efforts into bringing more traffic to the website and by reducing bounce rate. Moreover, if you are receiving a lot of traffic on your website, but the conversion rate is low, the CRO is carried out. Though conversion rate is measured differently for different websites, the use of CRO is sure going to increase next year. A/B testing and split testing can be used to monitor conversion rate on the website.

  1. Creating more optimized landing pages

A landing page plays an important role in converting visitors into sales leads. The number of landing pages opens up the gateways for search traffic. However, a majority of websites don’t completely understand the importance of having a landing page. According to a recent research, nearly 46% of clicks for a website go to a homepage instead of a landing pages. A homepage is as important, but a landing page allows you to create relationships with your visitors.

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

If you run an app, you probably be aware of app store optimization. The increase in the usage of the mobile and smartphone has encouraged businesses to launch their apps and consequently increase the conversion rate. However, this has resulted in a number of apps from different companies struggling to be on the first page of the search results of device search tools such as Siri. This is where app store optimization comes into play. You optimize your apps to help app users find you easily and on the first page of search tools search pages.



  1. Interactive content

Content is the soul of online business. However, the increasing demand of information makes it quite essential for webmasters to publish interactive content to capture web users attention.  Infographics, the latest trend of providing information, seems to steal the crown next year. It has gained a lot of popularity in 2015 and isn’t leaving anytime soon.

  1. Page Tagging

Page tagging is not a new concept still a majority of webmasters are not aware of the importance of using them. It helps webmasters keep track of the activities of the visitors on the website. Google even launched tag manager back in 2012 to help webmasters tag their pages and display relevant information to visitors. Since Page Tagging has been gaining awareness, it seems to become one of the most important SEO techniques in the coming years.

  1. The rise of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

In order to stay on the first page of search engines search results, it is important to use latent semantic indexing, which is an indexing and fetching technique. LSI can drastically improve search engine rankings by finding synonyms of your keywords.

As an instance, when writing about a particular keyword say best SEO techniques, you don’t actually have to mention the same keyword over and over again. Instead, all you need to do is find the synonyms of the keyword and use it in your content.

  1. Make Use Of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the phrases that are more relevant to your product or services. It contains more than one common head keywords. In general, it is believed that the long term keywords will get you less traffic but that will be the relevant one and relevant traffic is good for a high conversion rate of your website.

8.Update and Republish Old Blog Posts

We all love to read the updated blog post and that is no secret to anyone. That is not just for the users, but also for Google. As the user engagement is higher in this, Google also prefers the updated content and give them higher rankings. So, you need to update the old content in your blog post and you will be rewarded with higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

9. Make a Strong Presence on Social Media

Social media presence always boost up the rank of your website. Social Media is a very vast field. Every blogger and website owner must leverage the audience from the social media platform to their respective websites.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other have a variety of people that scrolls the news feed endlessly for hours. You must build a powerful Social Media Campaign that can easily boost your traffic in quick succession. All you need to do is apply the strategy wisely and all the traffic generated from the social media can increase your SEO ranking in a way that will even surprise you.

10. Secure Your Website

A secure website is the basic requirement of an efficient SEO campaign. Make use of HTTPS rather than using HTTP. It is more secure. HTTPS sites make your connection more secure than that of HTTP. Search Engine keeps an eye on the security level of a website. They can reward your website if you make your website secure by using HTTPS and SSL certificates. You will gain SEO ranks.

“Looking for best SEO Techniques? Well, the best way to find the best SEO techniques is through the internet where many websites explain best SEO techniques in detail and help you use them too.”

Google will not rank the above paragraph well since it includes the usage of main keyword phrase i.e. “best SEO techniques” almost three times. However, there is a better way of writing the same content.

“Do you want to learn about best SEO techniques? SEO is evolving since its inception. Many sources are available that can help you upgrade your skills and improve your site’s search rankings. A majority of websites share their real experiences to help you learn the tips and techniques of SEO.”

Since this paragraph does not use the same keyword over and over again, it has greater chances of getting ranked higher in the Google search results.

As a matter of fact, Google doesn’t like keyword-stuffed content. It considers it as spam and thus doesn’t rank it in the search results. However, you can improve your search rankings by using LSI technique.

SEO success is about providing relevant and useful information to your visitors in a better way. Therefore, it is always advisable to use the power of right content to attract visitors, not some spammy and irrelevant SEO techniques.

Author bio: Emma is an experienced WordPress developer working with Worsuccor Ltd. – WordPress plugin development company with global reach. If you’re planning to have a WordPress website for a brilliant online presence, she can help you. Emma has over 5 years of experience in the WordPress industry and delivers custom WordPress solutions to clients across the globe.



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