6 Cool Ways to Improve Productivity of Your Employees

Every employer has a responsibility to take care of their employees and inspire them to give their best to the company. However, it’s not always easy to balance being a manager who establishes discipline on one side and then promotes a more laid-back approach on the other. In order for your employees to see you as a strong leader and respect your leadership, you will have to find a middle ground.
Successful management includes more than the bureaucracy in order to motivate employees and boost productivity. If you want to turn your company into a harmonized team, then you can use some of the proven and cool ways to do it. The following helped many businesses turn into profitable and flourishing businesses, and surely you will find a model that can help you as well.

1.   Be honest with your employees

There are trade secrets and confidentiality agreements, and then there is withholding information on purpose. Knowing the difference is important so you can create an honest and productive environment in the company. Your employees should know what are the company’s goals and directions it’s heading.
Even if the news is not good, you should share them with your employees and reassure them that together you will overcome the problems. This way, you will include them in creating a business and make them a part of your company, instead of pushing them away.

2.   Include incentives

Incentives are a great way to motivate your employees to be more productive. Instead of focusing on only monetary rewards, use other means as well. This way they will know that their efforts are valued since they have something substantial that proves it.
And you can use anything as an incentive really, from paid travel arrangements to simple gifts like new mobile phone or free days. That way your employees will strive to be as best as they can and give their maximum in order to be rewarded. Therefore, in the end, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

3.   Organize team building activities

Team building is very important and something that you have to invest in order to create positive relationships in the company. It gives your employees an opportunity to meet each other in the more relaxed setting, as well as to get to know the managers and you. Depending on your budget, you can choose various options, from going to single-day picnics to traveling to exotic destinations.
Also, you can tie the team building organization to the revenue of the company, so your employees could see it as direct fruit of their labor. That way, the more effort they invest, the better team building location will be, which is practical and financially logical after all.

4.   Create a comfortable work environment

Take into consideration that your employees spend a lot of time at work. Some even call it a second home since the time spent there can take more than 40 hours per week. So it’s fitting that you create a comfortable work environment and tend to their basic needs and more, if possible.
Start from decorations, like wall paint, plants and furniture which should have a soothing and calming effect. Create a kitchen area that will have the basic ingredients like coffee, tea and beverages your employees can have at all times. The recreational area is very common today and can range from really luxurious ones to those which allow some peace and quiet during breaks.

5.   Resolve conflicts in a dignified manner

Conflicts at the workplace are not unusual and they tend to happen for any number of reasons, being professional or personal. However, leaving it to your employees to resolve the issues between themselves can be damaging to the company since usually, they can’t see eye to eye. Instead, offer workplace mediation services which will offer them agreeable solutions and resolve the conflicts in a dignified manner.

6.   Hold regular meetings

Meetings are great occasions to go over the previous week, plan for the upcoming one, rehash the plans and give credit to the employees’ dedication to the company. Once a week meetings are actually very effective for communication and creating strategies, as well as allocating tasks.
If you have branches in other cities, use technology to include them in your meetings as well. Of course, not everyone should attend the meeting. If you want to address every employee, you can organize a big meeting at the end of the month where you will talk about the achievements and goals ahead.
Also, encourage your teams to have brainstorm sessions and hold regular meetings of their own. Communication over the emails and project platforms is fine, but meeting in person and discussion has a much better influence on the productivity.


For a business to be successful and earn the profit, you have to be a responsible employer and create a positive company culture. It’s not something that will be hard and will do good to the whole collective, even you and other managers. Positive efforts create a constructive and productive environment that will help your company grow and establish itself on the market.

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