Windows Interior – Latest Trends this Season

A window treatment can be a challenge for any interior designer. How much can one design a window? Often windows are not the focal point for clients and designers. But the trends are certainly changing due to noise, pollution, necessity of mosquito-free blinds, sunlight control films, and privacy and aesthetic requests. How do interior designers in Bangalore brace up for this year’s challenges? We recommend a couple of ideas that may provide the stimulus.

Complementary nuances

Window dressing for commercial places attracts people towards a store. However, in case of homes, the idea is exactly the opposite. As the city and suburbs witness an influx of many strangers, windows need to be as secure as the doors of the house. Often people tend to put tacky, large print curtains to secure privacy or draw them to keep harsh sunlight or mosquitos out. There are better solutions. Well-experienced interior designers can give you out-of-the-box ideas. They provide the perfect complementary nuances to home windows depending on the constraints. Taking a professional advice will eventually have a huge effect on the overall décor. Let’s move over to the eco-friendly options, as they are the continuation of last year’s trends.

Try bamboo shades this summer

Bangalore can be really hot in the summer months. Have you thought of bamboo blinds that can save you from being roasted and toasted indoors? As regards home interiors, Bangalore is moving towards classic shades to keep the sun out. Light bamboo blinds is a sensible solution in this direction.

The classic home décor is going the green way globally. As more foreigners enter the city to work, this complementary option can be a real good trendsetter as summer is not far away. Bamboo may be the correct choice for windows. Bamboo blinds are great alternatives to canvas. It is both chic and classy, and generates a typical mix of modern and traditional styles. Bamboo is an environmental friendly product. Many new designs can be created as interior designers in Bangalore offer creative varieties of blinds.

Odd shaped windows can also be dressed

The versatile pleated blinds fit into any odd shape. Even a square peg in a round hole! These energy saving accessories are perfect to fit any kind of window. Simple and stylish, they are a brilliant way to dress the windows. They provide an attractive finish, suited to traditional and contemporary décor. They make an irresistible combination of fashion, variety, value for money, easy installation and convenient operation. They are lightweight and easily retractable.

They also provide optimum light filtration, imparting a crisp look to a room that most homemakers desire. Interior designers in Bangalore can be consulted for making odd shaped windows more interesting. They understand that windows are not just the eyes of the home. They reflect its soul too. Given the right dressing to co-ordinate with the room decor and the flooring, the window can set a mood or tone for a cozy ambience, rendering it absolutely inviting.

A window treatment needs to be aesthetic as well as functional; a perfect mantra for success. Floor coverings are often matched with the window blinds, and hence purchased together. So, designs from the same manufacturers who make flooring and window treatments give perfect combinations.

Blind Magic for Privacy and Protection

Home interiors professionals in Bangalore have good options of blackout roller blinds. They are ideal for privacy, fantastic for love nests, spy dates and photophobic developing rooms. It insulates and protects window furnishings and upholsteries. The quality of materials prove their effectiveness in heat control and light. The materials can be wiped clean and are flame retardant.  There is a choice of fabrics to suit the environment. They block the sun out from any window where strong sunlight filters, especially kitchen and bedrooms. With this great blind magic for privacy and protection convert the room dark like a mini theatre, and enjoy your favorite flicks with a bucket of popcorns!

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