Windows 8 Recasts PC Industry



On Thursday 25th October the Microsoft Corp. Ltd. launched its new Windows 8 Operating System and along with its Surface Tablet in front of a media of around 1000. They are aiming to regain the old reputation lost to Apple and Google. The Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer expects the operating system of Windows 8 to open a fresh chapter in the company’s history.

Windows 8:

Steven Sino sky opened the launch event in New York on Thursday 26th. The first half of the presentation was all about the new Operating System Windows 8. The Microsoft Corp. Ltd. seems to be very desperate and at the same time eager in order to grab the attention of customers so that they can revive their old interest. There would be several versions for the new system like the basic Windows 8, the full Windows 8 Pro and the Windows 8 enterprise. Windows 8 machine would be available all over the place, it could be found to any retailers from Samsung, Dell, and Toshiba etc. except the Apple retailers. Till now Microsoft has not said how many apps would be available for Windows 8 but it is expected to be only a fraction of 275000 available to iPad users.

Surface Tablet:

The second half was about the Surface Tablet. It is the first computer Microsoft has made itself. In order to challenge the Apple iPad, Microsoft’s tablet called the Surface would be available only through its own websites and stores. The starting price of it is around $500 for the 32 GB version which is expected to be a pretty low price. The new version of Windows that would be pre-installed on its Surface Tablet is Windows RT. In the launch event the head of the Surface, Panas Panoy gave a demonstration of the features of the tablet. In order to show its durability he even dropped the device on the floor. People carry a mix reviews for the Surface tablet. Though the hardware is praise worthy yet it lacks in battery backup and limited stocks of softwares and applications.


While Windows 7 was introduced three years ago, after Windows 95 Windows 8 is expected to be the biggest change in Microsoft’s user interface. Windows 95 that was launched 17 years back shook the IT industry and there was a boom of Microsoft. Steve Ballmer is confident enough to trust on its new Operating System whom he is expecting to break the records of even Windows 95. According to the recent reviews the demand of Windows 8 is appearing to be very good but still some of the customers are concerned to invest money on such unnecessary technology so early.

By the end of next year’s January the Users of Windows XP/ Vista or 7 can download an upgrade to Windows 8 at an astonishing price of only $40. Windows 8 seems to be the device that would be equally good at being a PC and a tablet with no compromise on either side.

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