Who will Wimbledon?

Who will Wimbledon

Wimbledon is a world class tournament and top tennis players from the world over vie for a place in this competition. The tournament being the world class it is, the same requires hectic preparations on part of the management.

Here is an inside scoop into how the tournament goes around.

The Grass Courts

The soil in the court being dry, the grass needs to survive the same. The same needs to be cut at a height of 8mm for best survival. The soil too needs to be harder and drier and this makes it fit for playing for a period of 13 days.

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Growing a Grass Court

Preparing a grass court for Wimbledon is a challenging task and it takes 15 months of pain striking efforts to come up with the same. For this the courts are seeded in the month of April. As the grass reaches the height of 25mm, the same is cut and the same is then cut three times a week till it reaches the height of 15 mm. During the days of championship, the grass height is limited to 10mm and the grass is cut every day of the tournament.

For the 2015 session of Wimbledon, court number 14 and 15 are being prepared for the tournament.

Maintaining the Court

For preparing court in Wimbledon, one tonne of grass seed is used every year. Around 3000 gallons of water is used for watering the courts during the course of Wimbledon tournament. The courts are re lined, rolled and mowed down during the course of the tournament.

As the tournament finishes, the courts used in the Wimbledon are renovated during the month of September.

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Lines and Dimensions in Wimbledon Court

The total area of grass on each of the court is 41 by 22 metres. An interesting aspect about the tournament is that paint is never used to mark the lines on the match courts. The lines however are 50 mm wide except for the baseline which is 100 mm.

The court has been provided with cover since 1971 and air ventilation is provided regularly under these covers so as to keep the grass moist. Another interesting aspect about Wimbledon is that the umpire is removed along with the chair. This has been in practice since 2001 and with each passing year, the tournament is touching new high.

This year, too the tournament is all set to see some surprises. Brace yourself for the action and enjoy the game.

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