Why Baby Wrappers Are A Good Idea?

Being a parent is perhaps the hardest job in the world. The day you enter into parenthood, you’re booked for life! It’s an irreversible privilege you choose to enjoy but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Parents have to be on their toes constantly and care for their bundle of joy. The word ‘care’ then becomes multi-faceted involving aspects beyond feeding, bathing and keeping the child safe.

Furthermore, for parents, making the baby sleep is one of routine tasks and they have to perform it diligently. Whether to wrap the baby or not is a decision they have to take. Some parents do it while others do not, so it’s entirely your call to take. But yes, you can easily find baby wrapper online, cover the child and put them down for sleep.

So, if you don’t wrap, you’re least likely to know the advantages and merits of doing the same. After all, wrapping the baby is a practice followed all over the world as it is helpful in more ways than one. It’s perfectly normal and beneficial to babies who are between 0 – 6 months old.


Why to wrap the baby?  

Whether to wrap the baby or not is something parents themselves have to decide. There’s no hard and fast rule for doing it, but yes, it is known to be beneficial and that’s why is preferred.


Here are reasons why to wrap the baby –


  • It adds to the overall sleeping experience of babies


  • It helps babies develop a more settled sleep pattern


  • Babies’ sleep doesn’t get disturbed when they are covered as their random arm movements are curbed


  • Colic or reflux may never cause disturbance to sleep when wrapping is done


  • Babies with saggy limbs may benefit to some extent when covered during their sleep


Care with baby wrapping

Baby wrapping is something even doctors approve of. So, you should not hesitate in looking for a baby wrapper online and enhancing the quality of sleep of your little one. But yes, there has to be some care in doing so as doing it wrong can lead to some problems.


Here are some points to consider with baby wrapping –


  • Age is less a factor while comfort is surely a big consideration


  • Do this only if your baby finds all this things comforting


  • Don’t do this if your little one does find ease with arms out for all the time


  • Plan to do this only when you find sleep disturbances caused by arm or limb movement


  • Wrap only as long as your baby has not started rolling, never afterwards


  • Make sure the baby can breathe easily and bend the legs without any force


  • Take care of the free movement of the legs


  • Always prefer either a cotton or muslin fabric for it


  • Never use any fabric that may cause overheating


  • Make sure the baby is not overdressed when he/she is under the wrap



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