What is the duration of the Canada ETA?

The duration of the Canada visa is for 5 years as compared to other visas around the world, it is enough time for the validation of an electronic visa. The Canadian ETA is one of the most lucrative and easily gettable visas, the main reason for this is the quick retrieval of the visa and processing of the documents. It takes a lot of time if you are applying for other visas for other countries. The Canadian ETA is accepted quickly if you have provided all the documents on time. The Canada ETA visa would be provided as quickly as possible, as it is the policy of the Canadian Government, as it wants to attract more and more people towards the country. The Canadian Government provides many incentives to students, businessmen, and tourists around the world. The other countries like the USA are tightening the secrets of the VIsa restrictions but the Canadian Government is relaxing the Visa policies, and you can get the Canada eta easily, the main reason for that the Government is not indulging in any political issues around the world and keeping best of its relations with all the countries of the world.

In this article, we are discussing the duration of the Canada eta Visa:

The duration of the Canada eta Visa:

The normal duration of the Canada eta Visa is for five years, during the time the Visa duration, it is valid to the date to its expiration. You can travel as many times as you require to visit Canada. You need no additional documentation during this time interval, the Canada Visa eta is the most critical document during this time interval. The Canada visa eta is not valid for the travelers going to Canada by air, the Canada eta Visa is not valid for the people traveling to Canada by a cruise ship or by bus or train. These travelers do need other sorts of documentation to travel to Canada. 

Why is Canada eta valid for that long?

The travelers to Canada, Why is the Canada Visa eta valid for that long? The main reason behind this validity is the Governmental policies. The Canadian Government does want to attract people around the world to travel to this amazing and emerging country. The Canadian Universities do provide quality education to their students and the Universities offer Scholarships to attract more and more students to the country. All this to grow the business and trade in the country, you can get Canadian immigration, if you are a good businessman in your country, as the Canadian Government is providing the most relaxed immigration policies around the world.

How does your Canada Visa expire?

The Canada visa may expire during the 5 years time, the main reason for this expiration is due to the expiration of your passport, when your passport is expired during the 5 years time, then your e Visa Canada also expires. You need to renew your passport for getting a brand new Canada eta visa, after getting the new passport it is essential to know, you need a new Canada eta visa, the new eta Canada visa would be valid for another 5 years from the date of its issuance, so it should be noted once your passport expires during the 5 years time then your eta Canada visa also expire, so you need to apply for a brand new e visa Canada after getting your passport, there is no way to renew your old e visa Canada. When your passport does expire, your Canadian eta visa remains suspended during that time interval, as it becomes a useless document as your Canadian eta is issued on the basis of your passport, and your passport number is mentioned on the Canadian eta visas.

The procedure to avoid inconvenience:

You can avoid unnecessary delays and delays, if you’re smart enough, there are some strategies, by adopting them you can avoid unnecessary delays. You can apply prior to the expiration date of your passport when you see that the passport is going to expire within a month’s time, then apply for a brand new passport, and most probably., you would get your passport before the cancellation of it, so getting before the expiration of your old passport is a smart strategy as you get your new passport before the expiration of the old one, this is all the time of your application for a brand new passport, and then you can also apply for a new eta Canada visa when you would get a brand new passport, as the new passport number would also be described on to the fresh eta strategies.


The Canada eta visa is one of the most easily acceptable documents. When you have the Canada eta visa, it means you can travel into the Canadian territories without any additional documents.

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