What is Dwell Time and Does It Affect Your Rankings?

A number of digital marketing experts are debating over search engine optimization’s most valuable metric. For improving your rankings in the SERPs, tracking, auditing, and managing a number of elements of search engine optimization is very important. Page speed, session duration, time on page, bounce rate, dwell time and organic traffic are included in it. Among these elements, to which element will you give priority?

Let us focus on dwell time’s significance in search engine optimization. For developing the strategies of better conversion rate optimization, in what manner will you use this data?

For quite some time in the SEO community, people are discussing dwell time. It has been considered as the internal ranking signal for Google by a number of SEO experts. But not all people believe in this.

Is it important to do SEO for dwell time? A number of controversies are associated with it. Can we consider it a ranking signal for Google? If yes then in what manner it participates in changing the game of digital marketing?

For understanding the dwell time’s role in search engine optimization, we need to dig deeper.

Difference between time spent on a page, bounce rate and dwell time

Dwell time – From the clicking of a visitor on a search result and returning back to the search engine results page, the time spent in this period is known as dwell time. For calculating the session duration, user engagement, and click-through rate of SERP, we use this metric.

As per the intent and type of the business, variation in the interpretation and calculation of this metric occurs. For instance, dwell time is low in eCommerce stores, companies of real estate, and thin content websites. The reason behind this is that on websites of these kinds if a user wants to get the information, then for doing this 5 minutes or less are needed. But the dwell time is higher in sites that are content-oriented. The reason is that in order to read the articles deeply the readers take a lot of time.

Bounce rate – When a user visits a page but does not take any interest in clicking the link, or making a purchase, or taking any action then the percentage of these kinds of users is known as the bounce rate. Indicators of bounce rate are as follows:

Poor      >=  71 %

Fair         =    56-70 %

Average  =  41-55 %

Good       =   26-40 %

We can say that dynamic content is not contained in the website or its design is poor if its bounce rate is high. On the other hand, you can consider it as a good thing if the bounce rate is high in some sites like weather forecasting. But why? It is because the visitor can immediately get the needed information on these sites.

Time on page – At the time of accessing a site, a user spends some time on a page. The measurement of that time is known as time on page. If with the content, the interaction of the page visitors occurs or not. This can be easily indicated by the metric. If on your site, the users do not get the valuable content then their exit percentage will be high.

By using methods of event tracking, the average time on page can be determined. You can use this for measuring a number of things:

  • Scroll depth
  • Navigation between different pages
  • Interaction of page

Significance of dwell time in search engine optimization

There are a number of reasons for the exit of the page visitors from the site, which are as follows:

  • A large number of pop-up windows
  • Not mobile-friendly site
  • Page loads slowly
  • Several grammatical errors are present in the content
  • The content misleads
  • The spammy site

Whether or not the visitors are taking interest in a specific web page. You can easily determine this with the help of dwell time. Your page content’s relevance and quality are indicated by this.

Can we call the dwell time a signal for ranking on Google?

In the ranking of a site, does dwell time play any role? This has not been confirmed by Google till now. For determining the usefulness and relevance of a web page the search engines can get help from this metric of user engagement.

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