Watch Martin Scorsese and Timothée Chalamet reflect on growing up in New York City

It’s Marty x Timmy season.

First, we saw Timothée Chalamet on the subway with Martin Scorsese perched next to him on a white armchair. Then we heard Chalamet inexplicably say, “Period,” to Scorsese. Now we are drawing ever closer to the reason the two New York City legends were brought together in the first place: the Bleu de Chanel advertisement.

But before we finally get to see the ad with so much hype, the pair is being squeezed for all the content they can manage in these momentous times.

The Dune and Wonka actor and Killers of the Flower Moon director sat down for a GQ video to chat about everything from Scorsese’s process to Fellini’s short film, “Toby Dammit,” to Chalamet getting punched in middle school.

It’s a lot of wisdom from Scorsese, and Chalamet solemnly saying, “Right, right, right.” And it’s a delight to be a fly on the wall.

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