Top 5 User-Generated Content Tools of 2021

User-generating content or UGC is booming in the current marketing world. Brands and businesses are understanding the incredible power of user-generated content in marketing campaigns. UGC is powerful enough to combat dull, stale, and unattractive content into vibrant, interactive, and humanized content.

To collect this user-generated content, you need the assistance of a user-generated content tool to effectively fetch, curate, and display content on your marketing channels.

A user-generated content tool makes it possible to easily collect hundreds of UGC in a single click. Although you can collect UGC one by one from social media channels and other platforms, it will consume lots of time and make it impossible to creatively represent on your website.

Implementing UGC on your marketing platform builds customers’ trust and loyalty towards the brand, hence boosting relationships with your customers.

It helps increase audience engagement and make interactive content on your website. Thus, using UGC tools you can achieve amazing results in a time and cost-effective manner rendering a high return on investment.

We are listing here the top 5 user-generated content tools that you can keep in your arsenal and use anytime to derive unique and interesting UGC for your brand’s marketing.

So, here we go,


Taggbox is a popular and most trusted UGC platform by many brands and businesses to solve their UGC marketing approach. Taggbox provides full-fledged UGC aggregator functionality that performs multiple tasks like collection, curation, customization, moderating, and integration of UGC into diverse marketing touchpoints.

With Taggbox, you can easily user-generated content from 15+ social media channels, using hashtags, mentions, handles, tags, keywords, URLs, advanced operators, etc. depending on the source you choose.

The best part of using Taggbox is you will get complete control as it is a Saas product. You can collect UGC as per your requirements, perform customization and designing that goes with your marketing platforms, and integrate anywhere to repurpose UGC for maximum results.

The moderation and analytics panel helps you remove the unwanted UGC from the list and get better insights to understand how your customers or users are interacting with your brand.

Both functionalities are crucially important when implementing UGC into marketing campaigns, as you’ll integrate only those UGC with the best quality and get to know the major contributors of a brand’s UGC.

Along with that, Taggbox offers super-budget-friendly plans that anyone can afford whether a small or big business.

Inspiration Galleries

With this tool, you can collect user-generated content and make inspirational galleries for your customers. As user-generated content depicts the real-life picture of the product, it works as the inspiration for your customers and gives them a better idea of your product.

They get to know more about the product easily with the UGC galleries. Inspiration Galleries is a tool you need to enhance your website content that attracts and makes your website more useful.

With this tool, you can create Shoppable UGC galleries to inspire the Publishing of user-generated content on your eCommerce website.

90% of customers believe in the user-generated content as it is shared by the real customers that brand content. Inspiration Galleries tool helps you create beautifully designed user-generated content and convert them into shoppable galleries.


Crowdriff is known for blending user-generated content into branded content seamlessly everywhere, enhancing customers’ experience with the brand’s marketing channels.

Crowdriff majorly focuses its UGC services on the travel and tourism industry, collecting and integrating related UGC into their marketing channels.

Many travel and tourism-focused industries use Crowdriff to implement UGC to attract, engage, and influence their audience with the inspirational and vibrant UGC.

According to data shared by Google recently, they revealed travel is becoming the most popular and revenue-generating industry after the post-pandemic. 80% of travelers find their future travel plans influenced by their friends and family members’ social media shares. Hence with Crowdriff you can create an amazing user-generated content wall on your website, emails, and repurpose in ads to drive traffic and conversions.


Talking about Olapic, it is considered as the formidable UGC tool used by many big brands and industries to leverage the enormous power of user-generated content into marketing channels.

Olapic helps organizations to employee-generated content and influencer content, turning it into creative and motion-oriented content.

Olapic helps brands to collect user-generated content and create motion short videos to implement UGC into marketing campaigns.


Curalate is a social media aggregator tool, known as an effective UGC curation tool for brands and marketers. Curalate introduced various interesting features into their platform to enhance the marketing campaigns for the educational and hospitality industries.

Marketers use Curator  to boost user-generated content into their website, to increase customer engagement, ROI, and conversion rate.

Wrapping Up!

UGC is a powerful marketing tool, it is omnipresent on social media channels and other online platforms where people can share their own created content.

With the above-mentioned UGC tools, marketers can collect and embed their customer-created content into marketing platforms, creating a huge word-of-mouth marketing approach.


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