Get Your Twitter Followers to Click Your Links


Twitter has evolved over the years from the micro blogging platform to a web publishing platform sharing hoards of information each day. With the ever growing popularity of twitter with each passing day, the amount of information shared on the platform has had an exponential rise. With more and more individual users as well as companies, organizations as well as corporate using twitter, the level of information shared as links or url’s has had a phenomenal rise. While a lot of twitter users use links to post information owing to the 140 character limit of twitter, there are a number of ways to actually make sure that individual followers actually click on the links tweeted and not just bypass them for simple tweets. The following list shows a number of ways where individuals can increase the quantum of users clicking on their tweeted links and make sure more and more of their followers actually visit the tweeted links.

Content is King-Share Valuable Content: Although twitter has a 140 character limit on the quantum of an individual tweet, content still remains the king when it comes to sharing information and details with fellow twitter users. Avoiding spam links or links that are meant to spam a particular product, information or service is one the basic ways to grow the trust of twitter followers. With more followers certain that shared information in the tweeted links in related to the tweet in question and not spam, the chances of more tweeters clicking on the link increase manifold. Building trust is not an overnight phenomenon and increasing your level of interactivity on twitter makes followers trust you in a far better way than the occasional tweet. Sharing valuable or meaningful content is also one of the best ways to make sure than more followers as well as users in your timeline actually pause for a moment and click on the respective links rather than bypassing them.

Placement of the Links: Placement of links in a tweet may sound as a small and insignificant method to make sure more followers actually click on the tweeted link but is one of the most essential tools to make sure the links are not bypassed by followers. Studies on twitter interactivity over the years has indicated that tweets with links strategically placed between 120 to 130 characters have had a higher hit rate than those placed without a title and description. While sharing a link always remember to let the fellow twitter users know what they might find in that respective link rather than simply sharing the link as a standalone tweet.

Interactive Discussion Helps: Engaging in interactivity and live discussions with followers on any topic being discussed is one the best ways to make sure that followers click on the tweeted link to understand your point of view or the debate in question. Links can be used to start a discussion as well as answers to questions posed by fellow followers on the topic being discussed. Links can be used as an interactive discussion tools by asking followers to comment their opinions or feedback on the information provided or published on the webpage posted as a link to make sure that most interactive followers click on the respective link to be able to discuss and interact in greater detail.

Focus on Trends: Focusing discussions and tweets in the key trending topics also help a long way in making sure that the level of interactivity in maintained not only in your respective timeline but also in search options as well as timeline of other users commenting on the trends. Commenting on trending topics and sharing respective links not only help in establishing a broader follower base but also increase the chances of being retweeted by fellow users that can increase the hit rate on the concerned link manifold.

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