Try Animated Video, the Best Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Social media is the new virtual world, where billions of people spend most of their time worldwide. Many businesses understand the importance of the social media presence of their Brand. To get Customers’ attention and grow businesses. But posting images and text is not a trend anymore. Social media strategy is changing, and companies are switching to creating video content to get Customers’ attention and deliver more value.

Did you know that 90% of information received in the brain is Visual? Companies use Animated videos to engage and attract customers.

If you’re a business owner and want to grow your business on social media? Animated videos are the most powerful strategy. It helps to grow your business in 2021. But if you don’t know about animated videos, then don’t worry. In this article, we’ve covered everything about animated videos. In the end, we’ll discuss how it’s the best strategy for social media marketing.

Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

Why Use Animated Videos?

Billions of people love to watch videos. And companies know their customers spend most of their time watching videos. Companies tried to create videos on their products and services reviews and did not get results. Nowadays, most companies are using Animated videos. It helps to describe their products/services. They try to make videos interesting and engaging.

Animated video catches the users’ attention. And allows them to know more about services and products benefits. Animated videos are far better than any salespersons. In animated videos, companies try to deliver helpful content. And the benefits of using their products/services and reasons to choose their products and use eye-catching characters & elements that keep catching customers’ attention.

You should know some valuable statistics that help you to understand the value of videos in social media marketing:

  • Adding a video on the landing/sales page can increase 80% conversion rate.
  • Customers watch videos before buying any product.
  • On YouTube, users watch 3 Billion hours of video content monthly.
  • Videos are the easiest and simple way to understand any information, product or service.

Based on these statistics, you can understand the importance of video-based content in 2021.

We’ve discussed some facts, statistics and why animated videos are important. It’s time to cover some of the top reasons that make your mind use animated videos rather than any other medium.

Some Key Reasons to use “Animated Videos” to do social media marketing:

If you’re a business owner and want to promote your business, then using animated videos can grow your business rapidly, and after knowing these reasons, you can understand the importance. So, Let’s Begin!

Reason #1 Animated Videos keep viewer’s attention

You should know that “Attention is a new currency” on the internet. People have short attention spans. Companies try to catch users’ attention by using animated videos. Due to less attention spans, companies need to make it short but attractive. Animated videos that tell a story and sell offers. All giant Companies use animated videos to promote their brand. To grow their business by catching customers’ attention.

Reason #2 Animated Videos simplified complex topics

Animated videos help understand complex topics easily by adding attractive characters, elements, story and fun things to visualize Topics more easily. Animated videos are far better than Reading text to understand anything. You can easily showcase inside Process, behind the scenes and anything, using animated videos rather than writing a process in text. Customers visualize better by watching videos and understanding each step carefully. The biggest example of learning complex topics via animated videos is the Ed-tech industry. Companies create visual animated content to teach students Topics, and millions of people adapt this technology to teach students in animated videos.

Reason #3 Animation is Fun

The biggest reason is fun because animated videos come with fun-loving elements, characters and animations that attract customers’ attention. For entertainment purposes and to keep Engaging with customers, animated videos play the best factor.

Reason #4 Animation is Cheap to Produce

Creating animation videos is easier than any other video. At budget, anyone can create animated videos at home without going to any location for a shoot. You don’t need to find the best location, actor or film shoot expenses to create videos. That’s why using animated videos is more easy, beneficial and cheap.

Reason #5 Animation is fit for any content

Animation is fit for any content worldwide, and most industries use animated videos to promote their businesses. And businesses are getting so many profits from using animated videos.

Reason #6 Animated videos bring back memories

Most customers bring back memories of when they’ve seen the old characters in videos by using animated videos. And companies try to make videos fun-loving and enjoyable so that customers feel happier after watching the video.

Reason #7 Short Videos to Attract large population

You’ve seen that short videos are a new trend worldwide because people have fewer attention spans. To catch attention, companies create short videos so that customers keep engaging with videos. Nowadays, watching lengthy videos is hardly a few people watch, but millions of people watch short videos in a few hours. That’s why creating short videos comes with more benefits.

These are the top 7 reasons for using animated videos for any business.

Types of Animated Videos used by Businesses:

There are different types of Animated videos used by Companies to get the attention of their customers.

#1 Motion Graphics

Motion graphics video comes with text and shapes to describe any scenario or story.

#2 Typography Videos

It’s a moving text in a video with an animated approach. It helps to describe any product or idea.

#3 Whiteboard Videos

Most whiteboard videos are used to create a book summary, any video summary or biography on YouTube. Also, some education Topics are easily explained via whiteboard videos.

These are mainly three types of Animated videos businesses use to gain customers’ attention.

How are Animated Videos Used to Promote businesses and their products/services?

Most of the companies use animated videos to promote their businesses by adding many things in the animated video:

1 – Introduction Brand Values

By using animated videos, companies can showcase their brand value and complete journey. Also, they can make a story to sell their products/services, or companies can create an animated intro video for YouTube channels.

2 – Present a New Product

Companies use animated videos because it’s easy to launch and promote new products. It is easy to showcase a new product in the market, with its pros & cons and pitch to sell it. By creating animated videos, companies get a high ROI, and their products are selling more.

3 – To Explain How something work

Many giant companies want to showcase their software working process.

Microsoft has a very eye-catching animated explainer video. Creating explainer videos about the Microsoft whiteboard and how users can use it can help describe the process smoothly without getting bored because of eye-catching characters and elements.

4 – Helping Customers

Companies created short animated videos about the process. And how to use their products. It helps customers to learn from videos in a few minutes.

Companies created some Animated technical videos on issues. Whenever customers face any problem, then these videos help. By following these steps, inside videos can resolve themselves. Customers are satisfied by watching animated videos because It’s eye-catching, easy to understand the complete process.

5 – To Launch any Initiative

Many giant companies use animated videos to promote their brands.

It’s the best idea to showcase any company initiative.

Apple created an animated video with its new initiative, i.e., Turn every apple product carbon-neutral by 2030

Creating animated videos comes with so many benefits. And reasons that it’s the best choice. Most companies use social media to grow their brand value.

How to Use Animated Videos in Social Media Strategy?

Companies are using animated videos to promote their Brands. And surely you’ve seen a lot more animated ads by companies. It’s the best strategy to get customers’ attention.

If you’re planning to start promoting your business on social media. Then use animated videos to promote your business. It’s the best social media marketing strategy.

#1 Keep the Animated Videos short

The video you create must be short and attractive. You need to add more helpful content in your short videos. It helps customers to understand the useful content.

#2 Give a Good Feeling to the audience

Try to add feelings in your animated video that connect customers. It helps customers feel happy after watching your videos.

#3 Try to Add many elements to the video

You should try to add many elements and characters to your animation. It helps to create an engaging and eye-catching animated video.

Sum it Up

Animated videos help businesses to promote their brand worldwide. By using animated videos, companies catch customers’ attention. And if you’re a business owner, then animated videos help businesses. The more engagement you’ll attract, the more your business will grow. Now, it’s your turn to take action and Start Creating animated videos.

Author Bio: Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a mobile app development company in Atlanta ( That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.

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