Touring Disney’s Hollywood Studios: A Few Facts

Touring Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios was the third theme park developed by the Walt Disney World Resort, opened in the year 1989 as Disney-MGM Studios. It was believed that the Disney-MGM Studios was directly pitted against the Universal Studios Florida Park that was going to be opened the year after. Though the park was first conceptualized as a working television and movie production studio, today its Hollywood’s Studios is just a part of the thematic scheme of things and the idea of live productions were done away with , some time back. However, the themed-park (devoid of the studios) is no less effective in recreating the magic of the golden age of Hollywood. There are 8 thriving sections to check out in this park including the Echo Lake, Hollywood Boulevard, Pixar Place, Commissary Lane, the Streets of America, the Animation Courtyard Areas and the Sunset Boulevard.

There is a string of websites dedicated to providing information about Disney’s Hollywood. A casual web search might throw up a lot of information about the place, leaving you confused. There are a number of attractions to check and a number of activities to cover. Therefore, it’s suggested that you come up with an impressive Disney’s Hollywood Studios tour plan before you start looking for the best business class flight deals. Here’s more on the primary attractions of the place and the way you should plan your trip there.

Hollywood Studios has lesser number of attractions than that of Epcot or Magic Kingdom.  Most of the rides were planned keeping “family” in view. So there are lesser chances of frictions between individual members of the family as far as choice of rides is concerned. Owing to fewer attractions, there are chances of a more concentrated crowd. If you see that there is too long a queue, do take the trouble to ask the attendant about the estimated time. If you think that you won’t be able to wait for that long a time then you can come back later trying out some special event or a parade.

Some of the Attractions of Disney’s Hollywood tours are:

  • Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
  • The Great Movie Ride
  • Disney Junior- Live on Stage
  • The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Citizens of Hollywood
  • The American Idol Experience
  • Jedi Training Academy
  • Meet The Incredible at The Magic of Disney Animation

One of your primary responsibilities would be to check out the different plans devised by tour planners. Each of the tour plans is designed keeping different ages of tourists in view.

For instance, there are plans availing which you can avoid standing in the long queues. If your child has a knack for performing on-stage events then you can get him sign up for something like the Jedi Training Academy immediately upon getting inside the park. Similarly, there are different tour plans designed for tourists visiting with their spouses and children aged between 3-8 years where there are sufficient rest periods or meal breaks in the entire tour.

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