Get in touch with your loved ones struck in Uttrakhand (India) via Google Person Finder

Get in touch with your loved ones struck in Uttrakhand (India) via Google Person Finder

More than seventy thousand people are struck in Uttrakhand – an Indian state located at the northern side of the country. Thanks to the heavy rains falling cats and dogs. The torrential rains in this Indian state have wrecked havoc leading to several lives of people struck here. At such junctures, technology is playing its own role in allocating people struck at different places of this affected state. Google, which is known for innovation has extended its support to find out people lost in this Uttrakhand with the help of a tool called as Person Finder 2013 Uttrakhand Floods. Person Finder is a web application from Google, which helps people to post and search out their relatives and friends struck in any natural or artificial catastrophe.

Personal Finder also enables the media agencies, NGOs, and other groups to contribute in updating the databases employing this application, which works on PFIF open standard. Besides, a number of websites too can incorporate this tool and use it like a gadget over their web pages. Since Personal Finder is an open source web application, developers can easily link it with other sites or resource places. This web application runs over the platform called Google App Engine, which is now available in more than 40 different languages. Thus language doesn’t become a barrier when it comes to using this tool at different junctures including being used in Uttrakhand as well.

Looking in perspective of Uttrakhand disaster, this tool is playing its part in allocating people lost in these areas. Owing to the disrupted communication system due to constant heavy rainfall, the Google Crisis Response Team has extended their support to the Indian citizens to find out their loved ones struck in these areas. This tool is therefore helping out the Indian crowd to allocate their missing loved ones in the flood affected areas of Uttrakhand. Since Hindi is the national language of India, you can access this tool in this language apart from accessing the same in English and other foreign languages.

The idea of Google Person Finder first popped in during the year 2010 when we witnessed one of the worst earthquakes in Haiti a small and poor nation located in Africa. During this tough time Google Person Finder played its part in connecting the lost people with their family and friends. In fact, the idea of this web application dates back to the Hurricane Katrina of 2005 in United States wherein a number of sites were seen creating registries for the missing people. But looking at the Google Person Finder, it seems to be more robust and rich in features. It helps in collating all the data from different sources and puts them together, which helps in finding out the missing people.

As the Uttrakhand government is combating with this grim situation various groups and government agencies are playing their part to rescue the suffering humanity at this piece of land. Luckily with tools like Person Finder 2013 Uttrakhand Floods Indian citizens are now able to trace their family and friends and get the sigh of relief. Thanks Google for this incredible application!


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