Top Fitness Apps for Mobile Devices

Fitness Apps for Mobile Devices

With the developments in the world of media and technology, a lot of things that people used to do are being replaced by machines. You do not have to leave the comforts of home to watch a movie, shop, go to the supermarket, go outside and play, and meet other people. Everything can be done at home with a device or mobile gadget. With these developments, your fitness levels may see a significant drop as seen by the increasing number of obese individuals in different parts of the world. You can avoid this trend by downloading fitness apps for your mobile device.

Top Fitness Apps for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are not only for playing games, sending messages, surfing the Web, sending emails, and others, mobile devices can be your fitness buddies as well. The development of fitness apps can help you stay fit and healthy. Here is a list of the top fitness apps for mobile device users:


This fitness app helps you keep track of the calories you have burnt, speed, elevation and distance. This handy app can help you monitor your runs on a daily basis. You can monitor if your exercise program is effective or not. You can install this app on your Android or iOS. Aside from monitoring calories and speed, this app allows you to keep listening to your favorite tunes while exercising.


This is another fitness app that you can consider downloading. This app allows you to measure the calories you have taken without compiling data yourself. You can monitor what you have eaten by using the barcode scanner or searching through the app’s database. This app is free and is available to Android and iOS users.

Strava Cycling

This GPS tracker not only monitors speed, distance, and elevation when you cycle, but it also helps you size up the people who have taken the same cycling route. This fitness app also helps you find the best cycling routes. This app is available to Android and iOS free of charge.

Fitness Apps for Mobile Devicess

Nike Training Club

If you have no idea on how to start your training regimen, the Nike Training Club fitness app is what you need. The Nike Training Club provides you with various training programs that meet your fitness levels and target muscles areas. Exercising for 15 to 45 minutes using this app will unlock recipes, tips, and other training regimens. This app is free of charge and can be downloaded on the iOS and Android.


This fitness app rewards users that have issues with motivating themselves to work out. This app provides you with a goal to strive for. You must get enough points to pass the threshold; you can accomplish this by finishing exercises, runs, or dance classes. This app is free.


Gympact is a fitness app that rewards you whenever you hit the gym. This app sets a target number of gym visits within a certain period of time. You can turn in a profit if you reach or surpass the target number of visits. To make sure you hit the gym, you are fined every time you miss a work out day.

Workout Trainer

This app enables you to control your fitness regimen. This app offers a diverse range of routines and exercises that vary in target muscles, intensity, and length. A majority of the routines have photos to guide users and the app comes with a digital personal trainer to help you get through the routines.


Are you having trouble toning and exercising certain muscles in your body? This app will help you find the right exercises for the muscle parts you want to tone and work out.

These are some apps you can use to help you get in shape.

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