Top 9 Web Design COVID-19 Tips for Website Owners & Businesses During Quarantined Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has shaken the world by shock, causing even the oldest establishments to shut down. It is now a known fact that we should co-exist with the virus. Only those businesses that are operating online or incorporating an online mode of operation are able to survive and thrive during this prevailing crisis. Having a strong online presence has become crucial for businesses as the whole world is seeing a peak of online web traffic. So, if you own a business, you should aim for optimizing your website and social media to your full potential.


People have all the time in the world. And they are choosing to spend this time online, leading to the surge in online web traffic. With this new surge, you now need to focus on developing your website much more than before. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are operating your business right now. While you are waiting for things and times to turn around in favor of your business, you can utilize this time to polish your business while sitting at home. It is now the right time to work on your website and add new functionalities that you have been delaying for a long time. If you think you can’t do this job all by yourself, then you have an option to leave this to the web developer. Check out here for hire top dedicated web designers.


Now getting to your topic of interest. Here are the tips that you can follow that help you gain an edge against your competitors.

Designing your navigation menu

When you enter a shopping mall, what do you see the most for? Either consciously or subconsciously you look for “ORDER”- how are the things arranged. And so is the case for online websites. The visitors look for the ease at which they can explore your store without indulging much energy. An unclear and clumsy navigation menu can immediately turn your visitors aways which adds to the bounce rate and thereby decreases your website’s ranking on the SERP results. Being simple is the key here. You want your visitors to get to their product of interest within just three clicks.

Keywords are your best friends

One way to turn up your organic search results is by using the exact words that the potential users type to search for results– these are keywords. These are the words you need to optimize your heading and subheading. You can see what keywords are being searched for most on Google Trends. Using long-tailed keywords that have fewer searches but higher specificity can also increase your chance of higher ranking. Also, consider the voice searches with voice assistants that have picked up during these pandemic times and optimize for them.

Your images convey more than you think

We, humans, are emotional beings and that is what we strive for. More than numbers, people connect with stories. Adding an emotional aspect to your brand is what you need to do. This can be achieved by utilizing good images that showcase your products. Using the right images portrays how well thought out and professional your brand is. Not only that, the images you chose should not hamper your website’s loading time and affect your search results negatively. A good trade-off is by using a few high-quality photos rather than a pack of low-quality ones.

Mobile friendly is the new gear

A quick question. What is it that you most use for browsing the internet nowadays? A PC or a smartphone? With smartphones being as powerful as PCs or even more, most of the internet browsing is done through them. Google is the most popular search engine has also started discouraging those sites which are not mobile-friendly. This calls for optimizing your website with smartphones of various display sizes and making your content look good. Check out here for hire top dedicated web designers.

Post new content regularly

The content that you have on your website is never enough. You should always be looking for ways to add new content to feed the search engines with new search results. See that your website has a search result for every topic that is related to your business or products. Displaying every content on your home page is difficult. Assessing what your content wants to do for your business helps in strategically placing it. When lead generation is your priority, even placing the content deep with the nested dropdowns helps. All it does is give a search result for the specific topic you are writing about. At the end of the page, you can add a way to collect user information with their consent. All in all, you need to think outside the box as above to increase your website reach.

Be uptodate

You have used a lot of apps by now. What is common with all of them? They all continuously update themselves to keep up with the ongoing trends and test new ways to keep their users indulge with their apps. You can also take this as a lesson and try to be as trendy as possible. There are a lot of changes taking place in all spheres of the business management. Form new products, new techniques for increasing your customers to new payment methods. If your target audience prefers old, retro items and if that’s your selling point, can try maximizing their experience with other new technologies like inculcating new payment methods.

Leads are one of the best to work with

There might be a lot of your target audience but need to convert them into loyal customers. This becomes a little easier when you have leads. One best way to generate leads is by taking a multiple level approach and using the existing customers. You can add a contact form for your customers and add a newsletter sign up that gives the users with the latest development and trends in your business that is beneficial to them. Also inculcate a customer support which might win you brownie points from the existing users. They might recommend your website to their relatives and friends which further increases the website’s traffic.

Loading time should be nothing less than lightning

We all want information as quickly as possible. You yourself might have experienced that. When was the last time you had waited patiently for a website to load. Unless it is very important you might not have waited. In this aspect you should also make sure that your visitors get their information with the least loading time possible. The time should be less than 2.5 seconds or less.

Security should be the main priority

People are becoming a lot more particular about their privacy. The last thing you want is your users’ distrust. To avoid that you should guarantee the safety of the information that they share with your website, especially the payment details. Take in all the measures and equip your website with the latest security technologies to stand by your reputation.


These tips should help you in establishing a solid foundation for your website and gain more traffic among your competitors organically.

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Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients with international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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