Top 7 Parenting Mistakes Made By Most of Us As Parents

It’s high time to bring out something like this. Being a parent has never been an easy job for any one of us. The journey is full of fun and gratifying moments if you are lucky. The word easy however is never used in the same sentence when it comes to parenting. Similarly there is nothing when it comes to being a parent right?? Being a parent is considered to be a bumpy journey as well as simple and complicated moments of life.

There is no perfect book that will tell you how to be a good parent. Though there are many parenting books made available, none of them have actually tailored to the child temperamental style. And so the one who writes a book on parenting, does know what’s happening in your house and along with the complicated set of dynamic between you and your child. Given below are the five common mistakes we do as parents. Let’s have a look at it.

Giving them too many choices:  Most of us as parents think that our children should be given choices. Whereas the reality is that it can be overwhelmed when they are given too many choices.

Keeping them busy: This is when it comes to sports. Parents generally believe that keeping their kids busy in some sports activities will reduce the chances of trouble. But often times the result turns out to be different where the child is being burned out or turns to be bully.

Trying to make them happy: Their job is to try and make themselves happy, rather than we doing it every time and forcing them to be happy.

Praising the child for each and everything that they do: Its very common now to see kids who are junkies of praise. These kids will not do anything unless and until you pay off to them.

Believing that they are perfect: One of the most common thing that we generally come across as parents is that we don’t wish to hear anything negative when it comes to our child. When concerns are raised, even voices are raised out of love and knee jerk reaction is generally to attack the message.

Lack of attention: If your child has been constantly irritated then it might be due to lack of attention. He or she does not know how to get noticed.

Telling things to them in front of others: If your child is unable to stand up for some difficult situations then it might be because you told them things in front of others. You as a parent should make sure you never do any such thing not even in front of the sibling’s.

Please read the above and check if you have to make any adjustments while raising your kid. Good luck and all the very best. These were just a few where as there are lot many to go. What would you like to add to the above mentioned list? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below and we will be happy to add them to the blog post above.

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