Top 5 Celebrity Homes in India

These homes belonging to the stars show us the true meaning of living life king-size

For most people owning one home is like fulfilling one of their lifelong dreams. The houses that are featured in this article are generally beyond the dreams of most people and are the dream houses to a select privileged lot. Celebrity homes are like attractions in their own right. With loads of space, ample parking area, state-of-the-art technology, swimming pools, helipads, tennis courts and what not- these celebrity houses have given the concept of living at home a new meaning.


Nothing “Ant” like about this home owned by the richest man in the country

While Mukesh Ambani is generally not known to be the flashiest person, his residence on Altamount Road does stand out- virtually and literally. This mammoth of a mansion, which has been named after a mythical island in the Atlantic region, has a total of 27 floors rising 550 feet into the sky but are closer to a 40 storey building because of the increased ceiling height in some of the floors. The first six floors are meant only for cars (total of 168) – now who has heard of something like that before. There is a temple, yoga centre; theatre to seat 50, numerous swimming pools, helipad with air control facilities and this is just the tip of this real estate iceberg. It is no wonder that this home in the skies is said to be in the region of a whopping $1 billion dollars and it should be no surprise at it covers a total of 400, 000 square feet of space. Secret quarters for the army maybe!!! It is said to be the most expensive residential home in the world. Only the Queen of England resides in a more valuable property.

19 A Perry Cross Road

Interesting that the Master Blaster of cricket did not name his home

The abovementioned address is home to none other than the great Sachin Tendulkar. This almost 9,000 square feet plus mansion used to be a Parsi villa in the olden days. The first basement is meant for the workers and surveillance while the second basement is devoted towards his passion for cars. The other floors have parts dedicated to the numerous awards he has received along with living and dining rooms and a temple. The top floor is where the Master catches up on his sleep while the two floors below it are meant for guest room and the bedrooms of his two children.

Mannat- “Vow to the Gods”

The Badshah of Bollywood also has the Badshah of Bollywood homes

This address has been the home to King Khan and his family for a while now. What used to be a heritage bungalow was soon turned into a neo classical style columned bungalow after its sale. This isn’t the only structure which makes up the star address. There is a 6 storey building built in 2005 behind the bungalow which houses the guest rooms, entertainment area, library, gym, bar and the list could go on. The family though stays in the bungalow which overlooks the Arabian Sea and it was declared a heritage site which means it can never be broken down- unless of course the King says so.


In this sprawling piece of architecture, it will be impossible to catch the Don

AB Sr. is known to have multiple properties across Mumbai, but this is the one that the Bachchan family calls home now. The property is said to afford over 10,000 square feet of space and is one of the most popularly visited addresses in the city of Mumbai where there are a host of starry eyed fans. Sunday evenings are the best time to get a glimpse of the man. Jalsa was a gift from the legendary director Ramesh Sippy and has seen some of the most auspicious family occasions.

Villa in the Sky

John Abraham’s residential abode is the latest celebrity home to be doing the gossip rounds

This one makes the list based purely on its coolness quotient- yes; it is probably cooler than its owner. What is lacks in size compared to the others on this list, it definitely makes up in style and elegance. This 4,000 square feet duplex penthouse also deserves a special mention as it has been done by his architect brother and its design has been nominated international architecture awards. That should be enough. If someone is looking for upcoming villa projects in Bangalore with all these facilities they can suggest their interior decorator to provide all the amenities as per their requirement.

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