Three SEO Truths You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

We know that different factors go into the success of an SEO campaign – such as popular ones like ‘content is king’ and ‘optimise for mobile’.  These we know to work, however are there any kind of techniques available that you can use which are secrets Google might be hiding?  Read on if you want to find out more…
The need to understand and implement high-quality content campaigns is crucial if you want to compete and thrive in SEO within the online world, and this is among the many truths that isn’t going to change anytime soon about SEO and we all know it; but here are techniques most of you might not have heard of yet:
1: Don’t Just Do Link Building
Essentially, there are two ways search engines like Google utilise links: one is discovering new web pages and the other is determining a page’s ranking performance. Now, there is no denying that link building plays a crucial massive role in any SEO campaign, but the real trick Google is not telling you is this: powerful links make all the difference.

For example, earning 100 links to your site from up and coming bloggers can and probably will give you a boost in rankings, but have you considered that securing just one single link from a powerhouse site like The New York Times or The Huffington Post is like a power boost for rankings – and a massive boost to your website.  One of these links types from a high DA site could and usually is worth 100 links for low DA sites.  Its not uncommon to see sites outranking other sites with more backlinks, these sites will rank with less than 6 or 7 relative niche super high DA follow links – compared to sites with hundreds of very low quality < 5 DA links.
2: Featured Snippets Do Not Lose You Visitors
Website owners and marketers tend to shy away from giving straight answers to questions right where you see them on the search results because they think if visitors find what they are looking for, they would not feel the need to click on their link anymore – and they would be wrong.

Based on research done by Stone Temple Consulting, you would not be sacrificing traffic at all. In fact, having featured snippets on your content increases site traffic by 20 to 30 per cent. The only key thing to remember is to try and answer questions that are more complex rather than giving a one-liner answer to a simple query because users will less likely click-through your website.
3: Google Does Not Have a Secret Sauce
Probably the biggest, most secret thing Google does not want to say is this: there is no secret to SEO.
The closest thing you can ever get to a ‘secret sauce’ is probably to conquer search results by creating quality content that people want to consume and share. What you can do, instead of devoting all your time mastering the latest SEO tricks, is to focus more on educating and entertaining your customers and engaging with your community.
Start writing content with your prospects in mind and stop obsessing about what Google or Yahoo! thinks. Google has not given us a concrete list of ranking factors because they probably do not have one – also they constantly change their algorithms which look for different factors, so one SEO hack may work one week, and then the other week you may be down 3 pages. Google is powered by what the people want, and your job and your SEO provider’s job is to make sure the people get it – so forget the hacks – a long term view is better for SEO.

To maximise and get the most out of SEO, it’s important to study your competitors, test out old and new strategies, and constantly learn new things – and maybe even discover SEO ‘secrets’ along the way, just like how we do it at Low Cost SEO. SEO services should be affordable, effective and uniquely customised campaigns to your business needs, so be sure to partner up with a company that embodies all these traits. Good luck.

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