Things To Consider When Planning Your Holiday


Deep down, we are all still kids when it comes to holidays: even a weekend getaway is enough to improve our mood, instill hope of fun adventures ahead and awaken curiosity about new places and people. But before you pack your bags and slam the door behind you, make sure you have planned the trip thoroughly – if overlooked, certain aspects of the vacation may completely spoil the deal and stress you out when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself and recharging mental batteries. Here are some things to consider the next time you decide to take a break from everyday routine and venture out to explore the world, be it for just a couple of days.

Destination check

The first thing you have to decide when planning a holiday break is trip destination. Useful questions to ask yourself when choosing the holiday resort include the total budget available for the trip, passport requirements, type of accommodation and transport options, as well as your vacationing wishes. Based on the amount of funds available for the trip, pick a destination that will allow you to enjoy yourself without desperately clutching at your wallet every time you see the restaurant bill or taxi fee – after all, it is always better to travel locally and feel relaxed than to spend the entire holiday abroad juggling between desires and necessities.

Daily budget allocation

To minimize unwarranted hassle, buy a return ticket and book the accommodation in advance first and then sit down to establish your daily holiday budget. By knowing how much money you can afford to spend on each day of the vacation, you will have a clear idea of which pastime activities you can engage in without consequent financial problems. Also, take into account a few unexpected expenses such as foreign transaction and baggage fees, entry / exit costs and exchange rate oscillations. To stay on the safe side, use Travel Pay options if so possible and avoid unpleasant surprises that go hand in hand with international trips, postponed arrangement payments and unstable exchange rates.

Travel alerts and warnings

When travelling internationally, check the weather forecast for the vacationing period and skim through news headlines on the political and social situation in the destination country. With political unrests and terrorist activities constantly on the rise across the globe, you will want to know the place you are going to stay in is safe and conducive to rest and enjoyment. Also check the local news for announcements of strikes, protests and peaceful demonstrations – the last thing you need on your hands on a holiday abroad is to arrive at the airport and find out that public transport is derailed until further notice and you cannot afford a taxi for each lengthy sightseeing tour.

Map out the holiday

Another wise idea for holiday planners, mapping out the stay beforehand can save you time upon arrival and give you a clearer sense of how the vacation is going to be structured. Establish which museums you are going to visit, note down the addresses and see whether the entrance ticket prices fit your budget. Decide which attractions you are definitely going to see and pick a few which you can check out if your time and finances allow it. Compare food and drink prices at local restaurants, greenmarkets and hotels, and browse the net for info on public transport costs and taxi fees to get a down-to-earth idea on the total amount of everyday holiday expenses.

Staying stress-free and out of harm’s way during the trip is not a given. The best holidays are the ones that are planned carefully well in advance, so do not hop on the plane until you have covered all the critical bases in terms of finance, weather, destination safety and sightseeing plans. All set? Bon voyage!


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