The Search for the Ideal Office Space

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Are you planning to start your own company? If yes, then you’re probably thinking about where and how to set up your new office. Some people think that any room big enough to house all your office personnel, equipment and supplies will do, but there are actually five factors that have to be considered before business starts.

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  1. Location

Where you set up your office can make or break your company’s chance of success. Unfortunately, many startup companies have a wrong understanding of what’s the best location. To avoid making the same mistake, just remember the following points when looking for a good spot.

  • Can customers get there?
  • Can YOU get there?
  • Is the area near gyms, coffee shops, or restaurants nearby?

If the location meets all these three requirements, it means you’ve picked a good spot. However, your search doesn’t end there because you still have to check out the…
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  1. PriceThere are two ways to acquire office space: you either rent one or make one. Unfortunately, both options can cost a lot of money. You can’t afford to spend too much, especially if your resources are limited. A spot may be good enough for business, but that won’t help your company if you spend most of your income just staying there.

As a general rule, the better the place is, the greater the price; finding the balance between location and price is key. Aside from the initial costs of renting or construction, you also have to keep other expenses in mind such as maintenance fees, parking costs (if necessary), and regular expenses such as power and water bills.

  1. Size

Many business owners make the mistake of securing an office space that is in an ideal spot and reasonably priced, only to find out that they can’t use it properly. If the office space is too small, there won’t be enough room for your equipment, which could slow down (if not totally stop) your operations. You need something big enough to house all your equipment… it’s called office SPACE for a reason.

On the other hand, too much office space can be inefficient, requiring extra resources for air conditioning and lighting up the whole place. Even the smallest things count; spend too much time walking to the printer or coffee maker because the place is too big can create a negative experience and bog down employee morale.

  1. Existing facilities

Speaking of morale, do you know what one of the most frustrating things is for employees? It is a lack of facilities. Unsurprisingly, employees also need to take a break. You’d want to look for an office space that allows easy access to restrooms. If your employees have their own cars, then access to a nearby parking spot is a huge plus.

Facilities don’t just cater to employees. For example, some office spaces have built-in internet facilities and conference rooms, which is a must for almost any kind of business. Some also have their own HVAC units pre-installed so you may even be able to save on air conditioning.

  1. Looks

Never forget to factor in how your office space will look. When it comes to almost any kind of business, looking professional greatly helps make a good impression on customers and future business partners. You can always add a touch of your own style to the office space, but looking for a place that already looks good in the first place is definitely better than a run-down room.

Don’t feel bad if the first office space you check out doesn’t fit your company’s current needs, there’s bound to be a better spot to set up shop.


About the author:

Kelly Bedsole lives in Reston, VA with her family. She is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Metro Offices. She is responsible for the overall occupancy of the company.She loves to read novels and enjoys her free time writing informative articles about business and news. Check out her articles at

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