The Evolution of Digital Comics

The good thing about comics is that they transcend cultures. Comic stories that were written in the West remain a huge thing in Asia. Conversely, Asian comics like manga are also getting more popular in the West. Given their universal impact, there is no wonder why comics remain relevant until now.

It has been decades since comics were first introduced yet they remain a big deal. Although actual comic books are no longer that patronized, digital comics are now becoming a major sensation around the world.

The good thing about online comics is that you will still feel like you are reading an actual book even if you are just getting the content from your mobile device or computer.

These web comics or webtoons receive 6.5 million readers on average each day. This number will just keep getting bigger especially since more people have just realized how wonderful these digital comics are.

Authors of online comics are also starting to earn a lot. They receive an average of $80,000 per month because of the increasing number of people who are totally interested in reading these comics. This is also a good thing for the industry since it means we will soon see more valuable online comics.

For sure, digital comics will keep getting better over the years. There will be more changes to make the reading experience better. If you want to see how comics have changed and how they will change in the future, check the infographic below.

The Evolution of Digital Comics

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