Tesla Cybertruck spotted in Michigan

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. — Looks like the Tesla Cybertruck has made its way to Michigan.

I was at a cars and coffee event on Woodward Avenue Saturday morning, and rumors that a Cybertruck was in the area were circulating on social media this week. With temps nearing 50 degrees, I figured I’d take advantage of the weather and do one more car event this year. 

My was son was game, so we headed over to Pasteiner’s, a local car and hobby shop that hosts one of the best cars and coffees in the Midwest. As we looked at a Ferrari Dino, Lambo Espada and a few Mustangs (you get a better turnout here the week before Christmas than some car shows do in July), the gray blur of the Tesla caught my eye.

Is this a pre-production model? Is there a Cybertruck owner in the area? Hard to say. My guess is the driver knows of the cars and coffee and didn’t just happen to do a turnaround on Woodward in front it. But who knows?

The first 10 production units were handed out in late November as Tesla kicked off production at the Gigafactory in Texas. The Cyberbeast and all-wheel drive Cybertrucks arrive in 2024, while the rear-wheel drive variants arrive in 2025. The stainless steel truck offers as much as 350 miles of range and takes aim at electric trucks from GM, Ford and Rivian.

I blinked and this Cybertruck was gone. A grey ghost on Woodward. It’s hard to get a good read on build quality or anything else from this quick glimpse. In real life, the steel wedge stands out, and the lights up front glowed brightly in the murky December gloom. Full disclosure, I did lightly edit the image to remove a pole that obscured the back fender. There’s a fair amount of Tesla owners in Metro Detroit, so I imagine we’ll be seeing more Cybertrucks soon.

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