Technologies That Will Shape Our Future

Technologies That Will Shape Our Future

Technology can be called as the biggest boon on this planet, which can be termed as the mother of civilizations, arts and different sciences. Regardless of your opinion about technology, one thing is sure; the presence of technology and its constant evolution has really shaped the human beings to a great extent. Indeed, our lives have become very much simple and fast owing to the modern inventions that are driven by different technologies found over this planet. Invariably technology simply directs and shapes the future. The following are some of the technologies, which would be shaping the future of man; let’s peep into these as under:  

Cloud Computing

You can notice a huge hype about cloud computing you can see several technology providers doing a good job in providing excellent services, which empowers even a common man. Among these, the two most prominent options come from Google and Apple. The Google Docs is among the first cloud based application, which has gained mainstream traction. The iCloud from Apple simply has the potential to lead the chasm and simply move the early majority over the cloud. Thus using the cloud computing in the future can help in accessing all your personal information using different applications. Whether you are editing any content while travelling, or simply modifying some sales proposal over the client’s office, you’ll never be seen stranded with any info you require to complete any task.

3G and 4G Technology

You often are seen checking the strength of your smartphone signals while accessing the web or any other similar thing over the device. The 3G and 4G networks simply render you acceptable but intermittent kind of connections and okay speed. However, this should and will change in the future. Though today, you may see the deployment of cell phone towers a bit slow, expensive and deliberate affair, however, this will not be the case in the future. Hence with competitive solution coming in the coming future, you can see the speed much faster and organic in nature. The wireless providers would be seen crediting the homeowner’s monthly bills for the devices including the 3G MicroCell at home from AT & T. Having these devices, even the remote places and villages would enjoy incredible wireless access to cloud with lightning speed.   Hence in the coming future, the PMCs (personal mobile computers) will certainly not face the signal strength issue will turn ultra fast.

The Augmented Reality

The AR or Augmented Reality is seen adding up the floating text, symbols and three dimensional virtual images to the video of any camera in order to feed it to make it more entertaining or informative. There are several iPhone apps including Layar that provide local information. The Olympus cameras and Tissot watches are seen with web pages, which enable you to experience some of the best virtual products. Lego is seen with good POS display, which allows kids to play games by simply holding it. You can even use the AR glasses to experience this technology wherein you can enjoy immersive, first person point of view kind of look and feel. In the coming future, the AR glasses will embark with projecting a number of images over the lenses employing the components, which are scarcely noticeable. The PMC will be able to display data over your glasses like the HUD (heads-up display).

Eye-Tracking or Voice Commands

The eye tracking technology employed by the companies like Tobii is only confined in usability research wherein people keep on looking over the webpage and see how their eyes move around it.  The Voice recognition products including the Dragon from Nuance are often employed to transcribe the voice to text. In the coming future, this technology will be use by blending with the augmented reality to simply create a near invisible and natural user interface for the PMC. Hence the words you speak or the object you view would be transmitted over your PMC, which will even interpret your purpose or intent along with finding the same and transmit back in the form of a visible or verbal kind of output. Hence in the future restaurants, if you say do you cater salads, you may hear the answer yes we do have high rated salads that comes over your Information Glasses either in audible or visible format.

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