Taking care of your health during pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is an exciting and fulfilling phase in a woman’s life; with this newfound status, it is very much important to be aware of your body’s needs. Taking care of yourself and your health is more necessary at this time. While, your doctor, relatives, friends, and co-workers do guide you on what you should and shouldn’t be doing; the responsibility of taking care of your health during pregnancy lies totally on you.

This makes it even more critical to equip yourself with loads of tips and information about the various ways to keep yourself and your baby healthy. Find out everything you need to know about the healthcare you need to be taking during your pregnancy.

Know what your diet needs to be

During pregnancy, you need to give the greatest amount of care for your health. If you are in good health your baby will also be born healthy. You can take care of your health by taking proper care of your diet, exercising the right way, relaxing a little, and ensuring proper nutrition ingestion.

To start with, knowing what your body needs, is most important. During pregnancy the nutritional needs of your body are at higher than it otherwise is so, you need to eat well and include the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, calcium, iron, minerals, and other essential vitamins.

To ensure that your intake of the above nutrients is sufficient, you must include the following in your diet: pulses, and whole wheat bread, five portions of fruit and vegetables, fat foods like rice, and potatoes, proteins like milk, yogurt, cheese, fish, meat and chicken.

Eating the right way

  • Don’t miss your breakfast– considering fact that breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and missing it while you are pregnant is something you can just not afford. Breakfast will give you all the energy required to start your day.
  • Eat smaller meals at regular intervals– during pregnancy avoid having more food at once as this would leave you feeling uncomfortable. It is very essential for you to eat healthier snacks rather than chewing on snacks which are high in calories and low in nutrients. Staying healthy during pregnancy will also help your child stay hale and hearty.
  • Increase your water intake to a minimum of 10 glasses– water again plays a crucial role when you are pregnant. Drinking water will help you to avoid various harms which can be caused due to water deficiency. You always need to remember that you also need to drink to satisfy your baby’s need for liquids. It is quite difficult to consume 10 glasses of water, try changing the flavor by adding a dash of lime to it.

Sleep till you are satisfied

Good sleep is the next most essential factor to maintain your health during pregnancy. You may feel very uncomfortable sleeping with your big tummy and it may also pose a problem to your sound sleep. But, make use of a few pillows to get that comfortable position and if you are finding this impossible then try taking shorter naps.

Exercise is the right medicine for a healthy pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy also plays the same role as sleep does. Indulge in some physical activity at least two to three times a day. Some simple exercises like walking, floor exercise, meditation, swimming, yoga, etc., may be included in your daily routine. These exercises’ have to be followed only after a thorough check-up and consultation with your doctor and fitness trainer.

Go in for regular testing and check-ups

Go in for regular health checkups and tests to ensure that the health of you and your baby is fine. Regular prenatal care helps to minimize the likelihood of any complications in the later stage.

Risk factors

Some factors like alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc., should be avoided when you get pregnant as these will have harmful effects on the health of your baby and yourself.

So go on and enjoy this special stage of your life and make it memorable rather than upsetting yourselves with the physical changes. Take that extra care, eat right, and exercise well, and enjoy your pregnancy!

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