Social Media’s Branding Potential

Social Media for Catherine

Social networking has changed the way business was ever conducted. It is capable of infusing new life in old products. It can give the company customers like never before. It helps to turn even the mundane products into talking points. The trick is very simple, let the consumer lead the conversation. But what should a corporate do if people are not following it on social media site like twitter or Facebook?

Many companies face this question. Here is how a few established and successful companies like ford and CBS have taken social media to their advantage and yes, it’s not difficult at all.

Have a legitimate purpose: Connect your brand to the core values and culture of your organization. Connect yourself with the causes and social issues that can be associated with your brand.

Be- real: Try to be as real as you can in your action and reactions. Acknowledge the good as well as the bad and the ugly. Do not celebrate only your success rather also celebrate your failures and resolve disputes in public.

Go where people are going: Do not try to create a new community. Customers won’t come out of the blue. One has to tap the existing communities, compliment them and contribute. Let the customers and employees speak their minds and do not try to dictate them. Draw customers towards yourself. Focus on people and not on brand and offerings.

TV networks turnaround: A few years ago CBS was considered as a “silver network” the one with old and boring shows. In 2007 it decided to bounce back with the “Big bang theory” a sitcom about the computer geeks. It was directed at the younger generation. It was losing its ratings to the NBC. Genevieve first noticed the show in 2008 at comic-con. She started following the producer Bill Prady and some actors on twitter. He showed even the insider’s of the character’s fridge and thus built on his audiences’ passion by pinpointing on the target audience. The show rose from 59 on Neilsen rating in 2008 to 12 in 2010.

A refreshing approach: Pepsi used social media in a different way. The Pepsi Refresh Project is less about beverages and more about thoughts and ideas. Anyone can post and vote his or her cause on

Viral video rejuvenates old brand: Proctor and gamble used social media to rejuvenate its old brand Old Spice. The Old Spice team posted 186 videos which demonstrated people’s experience with the brand. It also featured ex- footballer Isiah Mustafa holding a towel and old spice body wash. It targeted the younger generation. It treated social media as a place to converse with its fans and soon it found the body wash sales plunged by 107%.

Be a pattern spotter: You have to keep an eye on what is happening around you. Try to decipher the next new patterns in social media marketing and harness them to your advantage.

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