Is Social Media the voice of Peoples?

Is Social Media the voice of Peoples

The popularity of social media has simply become an overwhelming phenomenon thanks to the whopping amount of people present all across the world. The fact of the matter is sites like Facebook and Twitter are consumed more than any TV or Radio programs, which has therefore decreased their ads. The social media platforms simply help in communicating the consumers and clients in a more effective and faster ways.  This has therefore made the social media a powerful voice of people. Let’s check how this media has become a new voice of people as under:

The source of news

Nowadays social media has become the best source for things like news, which has given the journalists to share a wide range of information online. There are number of such examples of the newsmen sharing certain news online over the social media sites using a number of tools present over these sites.

Strengthen up the interpersonal relationships

The social media is able to strengthen up the relationships online. It helps in connecting people without any time or space limitations and without any geographical boundaries constraints. People of any race, caste, creed and culture can share anything they want and connect with each other. For instance, over Facebook, you are free to share different things with the help of sharing photos, status updates, messages, etc.  Using this platform you can call or chat with your friends online as per your ease and convenience.


Social media has really helped the politicians to increase good amount of political awareness and organization, which has played a good role over the political landscapes. It has played an effective role in campaigning for candidates. All these tweets and images are automatically spreading all over the different social networking sites.


Social media is simply playing a major role in promoting literacy as well. Kids are now seen using these sites to develop good communication skills and thus turning up literate. Thanks to the availability of huge amount of data and information available over these sites, more and more kids are seen leveraging from these sites. You can find a number of e-books, and other resources that can be placed over the phones and tabs. The ideas like info graphics too are becoming popular to promote content among the kids.

Business marketing

The idea of marketing and promotion has simply changed a lot. Instead of putting money in mass channels ads including print or electronic media ads businesses now are seen creating good ads over social media. Online marketers are now able to understand the market requirements in a much effective way, which has simply changed the way the marketing is carried out in the past. You can therefore see marketers embarking with different campaigns including a number of successful ones like public service announcement campaign carried out over the Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia in order to promote rail safety.

Final word

All these years the constant evolution of Social Media, which has made it as a powerful tool thus making it the perfect voice of the people. Every aspect of the man’s life has been touched by social media, which eventually has made it a strong voice of people all across the world.


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