Smoking Among Women In World

Smoking Among Women In World

Smoking in today’s times has become a global issue. Smoking, which was previously confined to men, has now become a growing trend with the women as well. With the changing of traditional roles it has now become socially acceptable for women to smoke.

It has been observed that the percentage of women smoking in developed countries is higher compared to that of developing countries. The major cigarette manufacturers have tripled their cigarette exports in the last 35 years. Tobacco companies are now coming up with new strategies to encourage women to indulge in smoking. Cigarettes are manufactured keeping in view the female preferences like long, extra slim, low tar, light colored, mentholated, or flavored.

The health issues related to smoking among women are grim. Smoking not only causes more breathing problems among female than that compared to male but also results in higher rates of asthma in women. Cancer strikes women smokers more often than men. Women who smoke also suffer from cardiovascular disease and pulmonary disease and also face high risks related to menstrual and reproductive function. The rate of infertility is greater in women smokers. Pregnant women who smoke are at a greater risk of having a miscarriage, still born baby, or premature delivery. The unborn baby is affected by the smoke from the cigarette and the baby’s lungs get damaged. This is no less than a crime. Smoking also increases the risk of developing oral cavity diseases. Smoking weakens the bones and causes osteoporosis. Read more about E Cigarettes Ireland

All kinds of cancer strike smokers, including lung cancer. The life span of a woman smoker decreases in comparison to the male smokers. The woman smoker loses 14.5 years of her life span, as compared to the man smoker who loses 13.2 years. This is also the reason why female population is always less than male population. Though, men are found to smoke more than women, the latter still continue to have greater adverse effects of smoking.

Quitting smoking is difficult for women, as men. Many efforts are made by researchers to invoke helpful measures to quit smoking in women. These efforts are more witnessed in developed countries and are still to pick up in developing countries

Though anti-smoking measures in developing countries are less prevalent compared to the developed ones many health education camps are being conducted in different countries. Many countries across the globe have enacted legislation to curb tobacco consumption.

Conclusion: Women, contributing to smoking equivalent to their men folk, has resulted smoking as an unmitigated global public health disaster. In today’s hectic schedule lifestyle, smoking for many women can be a stress buster. But they must remember that they have more responsibilities playing the role of a mother, wife, and a professional worker. She must abstain from smoking and take care of her health. A healthy woman is a symbol for a healthy nation and a healthy society.

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