Smart watches in India

Smart watches in India

As per the Wikipedia, a Smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with features, which goes beyond just timekeeping and is therefore a device very much close to a PDA (Personal digital assistant). These watches are used to receive calls, check your emails and carry out a number of things, which you can carry out over your PDA. Smart watches come under the wearable device category and are available in the market in different price range. Apart from being popular among the developed nations, these are also seen now gearing up in India. Some of the popular ones in this country include the one from Sony, which carries a camera with a microphone and the one with Galaxy gear from the brand Samsung that is based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The below is the list of smart watches found in India, let’s check the list of the same as under:

Samsung Galaxy Gear

The galaxy gear works on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and works only for some selected kind of Android mobile devices. In future, Samsung Galaxy Gear would be seen compatible with Android handsets carrying Bluetooth 4.0 over the board. The watch simply appear classier in terms of design when you compare the same to any Sony Smartwatch and was seen in Indian markets since last month. It is available at the cost of around 23,000 Indian rupees.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony has once again embarked with a new Smartwatch by simply upgrading its earlier model carrying the NFC feature in order to produce Smartwatch 2. This device is water proof and empowered by Android mobile OS but it does not simply support the iOS. The watch comes up with a 1.6 inches display and you can use the same to get calls, check text messages, your social networking sites and of course your emails. With one charge, it goes up to 3 days, but you may be dejected to see the absence of 3G and Wi Fi connectivity. It is available at a cost of around Rs. 15K.

’m Watch

This Smartwatch is compatible with android, iOS and Blackberry 10 based devices. The ’m Watch comes with a 1.5 inches display screen, which carries a resolution of 240 by 240 Pixels and found running over the customized version of Android called as I’ m Droid 2. Apps could be easily installed over the Smartwatch by simply downloading the same from its committed I; market. With ’m Watch, you can check your emails, text message, Facebook messages and you could be connected via the Bluetooth as well. This device comes at the price of around 14k in the Indian market.

Casio G- Shock GB 6900AB-1

The designers have included one low powered Bluetooth 4.0 to this Smartwatch in order to make it smarter than the other watches. The Casio G- Shock GB 6900AB-1 allows you to read your text messages, pick your calls when you connect it to your iPhone device using the Bluetooth. You can find this feature being supported over the phone with the help of iOS 5.1 and hence it is not compatible with the other Android devices. G- Shock application can be downloaded from the App Store. The Smartwatch can cost you around 10k.


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