Router’s IP and Admin Password FAQ


In these modern days internet is a basic need for modern people that they can access many applications and services with help of internet. The slow internet speed is a major problem of internet users so they would like to buy advanced router. Actually router is a simple internet sharing device and it is pretty suitable for home network users. If router is well protected then users can simply feel protection when they access internet. The unauthorized internet access might be a reason for slow internet connectivity issues. The users could stop unauthorized internet access by setting pretty strong passwords. However users should visit router’s settings page to make and change passwords. The default ip address is very important to access the page of router’s settings.

How to Set Password for Router Login              

Router is a useful device in which users can access internet service with any devices like mobile phones, laptops and others. The password protection is an important need for home network users because unsecured router can be accessed by anyone. The users should set password while after buying router for home network.

  • The users should open a web browsers and type ip address to login
  • Previously users have to connect both computer and router
  • The modem should be unplugged for safety issues
  • The users can get router’ settings page
  • Here users can see the option of setting username and password
  • They can feed desired password to protect the router

These simple steps can help people to avoid unauthorized internet access. The users should know the default ip address that could help people to get the page of router’s settings. The password setting is pretty simple to do by users so they don’t need to learn any skilful languages to make the password for routers. The users no need any internet connection to access settings of router. The fiber optic cable is only a right option to connect computer and router device. The users can set the password for router within a few minutes so they don’t need to wait for password protection of router device. The users have to keep router’s ip address privately otherwise they can’t make password setting. The users have to find a right ip address that could be varied as per the brand of routers.

How to Change the Router Admin Password                       

In these present days most of people love to router ion their home and office to get faster internet services. The internet leakage can be possible if router is not protected by passwords so users initially set a strong password to avoid unwanted risks. The random password changes could help people to avoid unwanted internet authorization issues so users should access the router interface to make changes in the existing password. The users have to put default gateway ip address like ip address on web browser which leads users to view the interface of router. The users have to feed the existing password to login and it is very essential to change the password. If users forget the existing password then they can reset the settings to get the login. If they know current password then they should feed it to access the page of router settings easily. The users have to click the admin page of router and it provides options to create a very strong password. The users can get a lot of benefits by create new password very often. The users should not forget the default ip address which is highly important to access the router. They can able to change the default ip address but it can provide a serious tough changes in the router settings so people better to avoid change the default ip address. The users can feel the secured benefits by creating strong password for router admin so users don’t need any hesitations to change the password. The common users have to feel the importance of router’s ip address otherwise they can’t protect their wifi and other internet connections.

The Importance of changing Password of Router       

Password protection is an important factor to keep avoids the unauthorized access of internet so now everyone would like to make strong password for router. The users can simply enjoy the high speed internet by reducing number of users. The wifi internet users are now using router to get secured internet access. The new password can make tough the unwanted users and it gives safety feel for users. The users have to know about using default ip address for change the password and create a password. They don’t need many hours to create stronger password settings so they can feel easy with their router performance. The users can enjoy the internet connectivity by more powerful password of router.


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