Reasons to buy BlackBerry 10


A few days before BlackBerry 10 was launched in the market from a struggling company that changed its name in the recent past. Looking its features, it seems that the company can easily survive and come out in flying colors. Most of the reviewers and device experts seem to be positive over this latest smartphone. If you dig deep into this, you would have all reasons to have BlackBerry. Let’s check the top five reasons to opt this new device BlackBerry 10.

It has new productivity features: Though historically speaking, larger companies have been the core clients of BlackBerry, however, lately, a wide spectrum of people have started using these devices with added amount of security and fun element. With BlackBerry 10, the company has smartly focused more over the features, which enhances the speed and productivity of the users. A new feature known as Balance helps in splitting this phone into two different devices- one for the workplace and other is for the personal use. This helps the users to cordon off the sensitive data of your workplace, which helps in controlling the data during its flow.

For being productive, you are supposed to switch between several applications and tasks instantly and seamlessly. The BlackBerry 10 has a feature called BlackBerry Hub, which collects all your notifications at a single spot. It can be accessed from anywhere over your phone with a swipe, and it can show you the social media, calendar, e-mail, BBM, and several other updates. You can see up to eight apps working at one go, and its feature allows you to instantly switch back and forth between several messaging platforms without opening or closing the apps or simply revisit the home screen.

You have big name applications: A smartphone is only known to have some of the best collections of apps in its app-store. Luckily BlackBerry could be called among such devices, which has more than 70,000 different applications during its launch date. Though a number of these apps seem to be old, yet the company has managed to incorporate a number of impressive big name apps in its array. To name a few, you have Skype, WhatsApp, Kindle, “Angry Birds” and even SAP is being present in the BlackBerry 10. The most popular apps including the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are already seen over the BlackBerry 10 apps list.

Simplicity in typing: Typing over a glass screen of BlackBerry 10 with one thumb seems to be a magic for its users. One of the biggest striking points of this version device is that its beloved physical keyboard could be easily navigated with a single speedy thumb. The company suggests that the touchscreen keyboard makes you learns how to type, adapting the ways in it to be more accurate and thus help in correcting the common mistakes automatically. You can also find support for several languages, wherein you can switch between different languages mid-message. When you are typing, it can easily auto-suggest the number of words it thinks you could be composing, and you could therefore easily swipe up to toss one directly into your message.

It has a Global appeal:  BlackBerry 10 is first hit in the market of UK followed by coming out in Canada and United Arab Emirates on 5th and February 10 respectively. The idea on making this phone like an international product is pretty smart, as the company is seen with a strong hold at countries like UK, UAE, Indonesia, and several regions of South America. BlackBerry hasn’t just been attracting the US based developers; it is also paying a keen attention towards its top mobile apps found in other markets and thus getting these developers to create these products over the BlackBerry 10 platform. In order to hold its own against iOS, Android and Windows market, it will certainly need them.

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