Real-Time Approach to Marketing


The time has shown that real time marketing is not only reserved for the big players, but that small and medium businesses can also take advantage of its huge potential. The truth is that you can engage into real time marketing even with moderate resources. The key is to redefine some of the foundations of your marketing strategy. Here is some useful info non how to do that. 

Listening First, than Talking

The term “real time” denotes something that is instantaneous, on-the-spot. If you want to take advantage of real time marketing, you should learn to talk to your customers, and more importantly, to listen what they have to say. Conversation between the marketer and consumer is crucial part of a real time strategy. According to suggestions from Digital Agency Sydney you should also learn to respond to what your customers are saying or doing. This includes taking part in events that would interest your customers. For example an outfitter company should have its team in various outdoor competitions and extreme sports.

Business with a Human Face

It is often said that traditional marketing dealt with speaking to your customers, and real time marketing is about sharing the common experience with them. Real time marketing draws its source from an informal business approach. Sometimes willing to listen and knowing a customer’s first name means more than hundreds of ads and spams. Customers tend to appreciate the brand that cares about them and shows its human side.  Your brand should act as a person, sharing and commenting posts that are interesting and that carry value.

How to Use Real Time Tools

Unlike large multimillion brands which have posts and tweets that are shared by thousands in a day, which need sophisticated tool for keeping track and responding, your small business probably won’t have to manage such a number of conversations. That means that the tool you’ll be using don’t need to be expensive or complicated. What matters more is the knowledgeable use of those tools, searching for the brand keywords, setting up the notifications or generating a list of key customers or influencers that you want to follow and engage in multiple ways.

Let your Customers Speak

There are no better ads than satisfied customers. Why wasting such a potential? Instead, you should make them easy to express their opinion and share their feedback on your product or service. People love to share their experiences. You should lay down the channels that your customers will use for giving public feedback and at the same time show them that their opinion matters to you. Social media like Facebook with its pages and communities, as well as Twitter chats are great platforms for tracking posts and hashtags of a live event in real time. Every marketing campaign should allow customers to take part.

Still a New Technology

The absolute and completedefinition of real time marketing has not yet be provided, and the whole concept is still in its experimental phase. Despite being extremely effective in most cases, it can still lead you in the wrong way now and then. You shouldn’tbe concerned about that too much. It is important to play openly and be true to your customers. You can always tell them that you are trying to improve your approach and that their suggestions and opinions would mean a lot to you.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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