New Products For Windows 8 by Logitech


Logitech, one of the trusted computer peripheral manufacturers has launched an whole new range of peripherals which are compatible with the new Windows 8. The specially designed product line up includes, mouse, keyboards and touchpad that will work efficiently with the new touch interface of Windows 8.

T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad

A 2.4 GHz radio signal connects the PC with the touchpad. The glass surface is smooth and large. The embedded precision sensors under the scratch and fingerprint proof surface allows all the thirteen unique gestures understandable to Windows 8. It has a rechargeable battery with a good battery life, and you can keep it plugged with your USB port for charging and connection. Clearly ahead of most of the conventional touch pads available in the market. Moreover the set point, as well as the other controls can be customized as per needs.

Zone Touch Mouse T400

The glass touch zone allows the mouse to navigate horizontally as well as vertically, with motions of the fingers. The rubberized sides add to the comfort of the user and handling too. A battery status indicator reminds about the low battery status of the mouse as well.

Mice / Touch Mouse T620

This is a unique mouse with a full touch surface that allows fluid navigation control. All mouse controls can be effortlessly handled. The curves make handling and gesturing very comfortable for hours on end. Can run on one or two AA batteries, depending how you want the weight and feel of the mouse to be. It also remains connected to the PC with a 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

Keyboard K810

The keyboard K810 is compatible with smartphones, iPad and PCs running on Windows 8. It is Bluetooth enabled. The keys are not only sharp and bright, but also are auto illuminated that adjusts according to the light in the room. Stylish and ultra-thin, the keyboard is compact and has a brushed aluminium finish.

Keyboard K400R

K400R is a wireless touch keyboard. It is designed for PC-2-TV support. This has built in support for the windows navigation gestures. The 3.5 inch touchpad in the keyboard allows vertical and horizontal scrolling, and also has dedicated one touch media keys.

Flight System G940

The controls for the flight simulator the Flight System G940 is exclusive designed and built. It can be said that they do look like their original counterparts, and possibly work the same way too. Moreover, the force feedback of turbulence, g-force and others can be felt the same way a pilot feels, and that will take the gaming experience to an extremely new level.

True to their word Logitech has lived up to their reputation of launching innovative products, which seem to be superior in quality and performance to say the least. More products are in the offering is the least that can be said.

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