X plus- The tile-I-Fied Android Experience


Though Nokia till recently was focusing on making smartphones based on  Microsoft based operating system has now launched its Nokia X series based on Android operating system at Mobile World Congress held in Feb 2014 at Barcelona, Spain. This range of phones comprising of three models namely Nokia X, Nokia X Plus and Nokia XL run on a unique platform that combines Windows, Asha and Android features together which has been christened as X platform. The display section of this phone is in a tile like format like windows phone along with Fastlane to run Android applications easily. Since it is not a pure Android phone one needs to install the Google Home to enable KitKat experience. With layout similar to Lumia phones the phone is available in vibrant colors of yellow, black, white and red.

External Features:

Designed in an attractive manner this phone has gained weightage due to sleek body of 10.4 mm thickness and length of 115.5mm followed by weight of just 128.7 Gms. The display section of the phone is 10.16 cms with wide viewing angle for clearer view. The phone has 768 MB RAM and 4GB of expandable memory that can be enhanced by MicroSD card to almost 32 GB to load music and pictures.

Hardware Features:

The Nokia X+ has a camera on rear with sensor to focus on objects and take clearer pictures. Its dual SIM give the user standby time of 17 days along with maximum talk time of 13 hours. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor the phone allows music playback for 26 hours which can be controlled by external volume key. Other keys which can control a few operations on the phone are “Back Key” and “Lock Key”.

Its body is made of hard plastic which has a soft feel and curvy edges with headphone slot on topside. Besides Micro-USB charging connectors it also has a connector to connect phone to external audio device along with WAPI wireless connectivity. Its 1500 mAh 3.7 V battery gives an amazing talk time of 13 hours on 2G and 10 hours in 3G.

The main camera in its rear has high resolution and 3 MP sensor which can zoom in on subject for clear and not that sharp pictures. Though it does not have a flash its 32.4 mm focal length and focus range of 50 cms makes up for it as anyway user will take pictures of nearby objects only since it is not a Sony Xperia. Pictures can be edited via features like Active toolbar to reduce or enhance particular angles. The digital camera also has panorama lens for a wider angle to capture as many objects as possible while taking landscape pictures. The video camera has FWVGA resolution to capture 30 frames per second and play it back in 3GP or MP4 format and can even view videos from streaming websites.

Software Applications:

The Nokia X-Plus is a Dual SIM device with expandable memory to play games and applications which can be downloaded from Nokia Applications or other online application websites. Applications in Fastlane can now be downloaded at a faster pace due to Android and displayed in a customized manner enabling user to browse through at a quick pace. Another great feature of Nokia X+ is ability to resize applications in the form of tiles or even group them into files according to frequency of requirement.

Nokia’s exclusive navigation application has free online maps in “Here Maps” which enables easy navigation on roads around the world according to user’s location.  The Nokia MixRadio works like a personal radio station which plays music of your choice. One just needs to select choice of movies or artists or music directors and enjoy non stop music without any subscription payment or advertisements.

Besides click and use social applications like Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Viber and Skype the phone also has photo sharing applications which can be shared via Bluetooth. Applications appearing as tiles on the face of this phone can be accessed by double tapping on the icon and its touch screen technology is enabled by a sensitive screen. Nokia has built sensors into this phone which can be activated as per requirement like Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor.


Personal management software applications like calculator, calendar, clock, speed dialer, ring tones for special numbers, alarm clock, etc can be customized to suit one’s requirement. It’s “power saving mode” disables backlight during calls and conserves battery life when power is low.  Important events on calendar and contacts can be synced together via “Exchange ActiveSync application feature. Nokia has provided the X+ with several email client options so users can accesses external applications like Native Email Client, Hotmail and Yahoo using several protocols like SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 and IMAPS.

Personalizing Messaging and Call Options – Besides instant messaging and single touch multiple message deletion, sending MMS or receiving them without image distortion, push feature for IM along with single box for receiving both MMS and SMS the Nokia X+ also allows multimedia messaging. Besides regular features like call logs, missed call alerts, conference calls along with voice mail the phone also has Skype voice features. It also allows user to fix customized ring tones for specific callers.

Accessories to enhance the experience of your Nokia XPlus –To enhance the experience of using this Nokia phone there are several useful accessories which can be bought by users from Nokia shop which have been detailed below:

Coloud Pop and Knock Headphones:   These headphones can be directly connected to the phone to make or receive calls while driving or managing multiple tasks. It has an integrated microphone and control button to make calls on the move simple and with its Zound Lasso feature the cable does not get tangled. The Knock headphones are ideal for enjoying music as it covers listeners’ years completely and cuts off all ambient sound to give better listening pleasure.

Mono Bluetooth Headset – The custom built Nokia Mono Bluetooth headset is ideal for use during driving too as it removes cables gives clearer sound than regular headphones.

Author Bio: The author has great interest in handset and technology reviews. Currently he is working with 91mobiles.

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