Open Channel: Tell Us Your Thoughts on Dune: Part Two

The main posteer for Dune: Part Two.

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Denis Villeneuve’s first Dune managed to become a hit in 2021, even as it came out during the pandemic and with a simultaneous streaming date on HBO Max. After WB and Legendary greenlit Dune: Part Two for 2023 (to the delight of many), anticipation for it has been through the roof, even when it was delayed to 2024 due to the strikes. Now it’s here, and it’s not wrong to say that folks are fairly high on Dune: Part Two’s supply.

Ahead of release, Part Two racked up largely positive reactions from critics, with some calling it a worthy adaptation to Frank Herbert’s novel and a sci-fi classic in the making. Like the first film, praise has been heaped onto Villeneuve’s direction, visuals, and the cast, to the point that some are already wondering if it has any Oscars chances. However that shakes out, Part Two’s definitely the first blockbuster of the year, and it’ll be sticking with folks for a while. Given the early praise—and if hits it big at the box office—Villeneuve will likely get to make that adaptation of Dune Messiah he’s been openly interested in doing to close out this hopeful trilogy.

Being such a big movie, we want to know any of your thoughts on Dune: Part Two. Did you love it, hate it? How does it compare to Part One and David Lynch’s 1984 film for you, and how far do you think this franchise will go? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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