Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley reunite through scandal in 'Wicked Little Letters' trailer

Two women stroll on the beach.

The Lost Daughter co-stars Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley reunite for director Thea Sharrock’s comedy Wicked Little Letters, a mystery based on a real scandal from the Isle of Wight in the 1930s. And the trailer is fun as hell.

Set in the coastal English town of Littlehampton, the Jonny Sweet-written film sees Colman as Edith Swan, a rather conservative local. Her neighbour, the lively and sweary Rose Gooding, has moved to the country from Ireland, and challenges Edith with her free manner of speaking (she makes a lot of gloriously sordid jokes). When a bunch of cheeky, profanity-laden, and thematically scandalous anonymous letters begin arriving in local mailboxes, residents point the finger at Rose.

The commotion doesn’t just remain within the streets of the seaside village, however, instead somehow finding its way into the national conversation and all the way to court. Who really sent the letters? Local police officer Gladys Moss (Black Mirror‘s Anjana Vasan) might be Rose’s only hope of clearing her name.

Wicked Little Letters premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and will hit UK cinemas Feb. 23. A U.S. release date has yet to be announced.

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