Noah Hawley and FX’s ‘Alien’ series confirmed for 2025

A new take on Alien from Legion and Fargo creator Noah Hawley will be hitting the small screen in 2025.

FX Chairman John Landgraf confirmed the 2025 release in a Feb. 9 executive session with members of the Television Critics Association. The show, which stars Sydney Chandler, Timothy Olyphant, and Alex Lawther, is currently filming in Thailand.

Landgraf confirmed that Hawley’s Alien is designed to be an ongoing series instead of a limited one, and described it as being a “big reimagining of that franchise.”

“It was really fun to watch him take on the Alien franchise in the way I watched him take on Fargo and try to figure out how to deconstruct where the magic comes from, what are the key ingredients, and how can I deliver those ingredients in a different way without just making things that have been done before,” Landgraf said. “I love the scripts and the production and the cast we put together. I’m really excited about this.”

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