Must-Have Gear for Your Outdoor Adventure

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Going on an outdoor adventure sounds like a dream. It requires thorough preparation and planning before you can embark on the journey. You need to ensure you have all the required equipment in full working condition, as well as hiking and survival gear. The 21st century brought us some new gear that is very useful, especially in the wilderness. Here’s a list of all the must-have pieces of gear when going out on an outdoor adventure.

A great backpack

Before going on an adventure, you have to ensure you can bring everything with you. Getting one of those mountain backpacks is a must, for there are many things you are carrying with you. They don’t come cheap, but in order to have a full experience and ensure you have everything you need, you have to get one. Do your research before shopping for one, because there are different types of backpacks. Some may even be converted into a small stationary tent. Again, it depends on how much money you can spend and what you need.

A water filter system

Since you don’t want to be spending hours on cooking water and waiting for it to cool off before you can drink it, you might want to bring a water filtering system with you. There are many devices and gadgets to choose from, ranging in price from $45.99 to $150. Depending on the size of the filtering device and its multipurpose, you can choose the one that fits you the best. But this is definitely something you want to have with you when going for an adventure.

Something to cool off your food

When you are out in the wild, your two biggest enemies are dehydration and the sun. Since you will be moving a lot, you have to drink a lot of water. As you already have a water filter system, you need to ensure that your water bottle stays cold. Consider purchasingpromotional cooler bags to keep your water cold and your food safe indefinitely. They are cheap and will do the trick.

Get a Headlight

In situations where you get stuck in the woods during the night, you need to have some light to shine the way for you, or let you use the map. The best option is to get a headlight. There are several types that use lithium-ion batteries and last longer, with high powered LEDs. However, their price can be as high as $200.

Rechargeable power source

If you need something that can recharge itself and help you recharge your gadgets, a portable solar charger is what you are looking for. Get one that has at least a 9000mAh battery so that it can last longer in case the weather is not really ideal. These little things can literally save your life in a worst-case scenario. Whether you are charging your phone or your water filter system, you are doing it for free using only solar power. It is a completely modern survival strategy.

Get a multi-tool

Everyone needs one of these, whether for opening cans or peeling off a branch. Your best option is one that fits inside your pocket with as many functions as possible. Some even have a barometer, thermometer and altimeter. They range in price from $99.99 to $250.

Everyone needs these gadgets before going on an outdoor adventure. They are the essentials of modern survival, and without them, you would be completely lost or even worse. Do your research and find the ones that are cheaper or more affordable.




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