Milagrow Robocop: The First Robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner in India


Everyone looks out for an assistant, who can help you in your daily chores like cleaning. Luckily a Robotic cleaner from Mialgrow can help you to accomplish this task in your daily life. Better known as Milagrow Robocop Robotic Floor Cleaner, is basically a vacuum cleaner for people who remain often busy but want to live a high quality healthy lifestyle. It has the feature of advance dry dust cleaner, which helps in covering all the inches of your home to make sure that you have a safe and clean environment. It is backed by a bag-less design element wherein it collects all the dirt and dust in its 0.25 liter dustbin.

The main features of Mialgrow Robocop Robotic Floor cleaner happens to be wireless roaming robot, which runs with the help of rechargeable 14.4 V Ni-MH batteries carrying a capacity of 1500 mAh. The power VAC found in this robotic cleaner is capable of generating a suction power of around 3W and employs three-way cleaning feature, which helps in cleaning your home in and out. If you look at its key features, they could be clubbed as Robotic Charging, Robotic Scheduling, Robotic Obstacle Detection, Robotic Stair Detection and Automatic Dirt Detection.

You could categorize its features into two sub division- one is performance features and other is convenience features. It can clean your home by loosening the dirt found over the rugs and carpets. With the help of counter rotating side brush and the rubber brush acts like a broom and dustpan, which brings in the dust into the suction opening, wherein with the 3 way cleaning feature the debris and dust is diverted into the dust bin.

Looking at the convenience features, this cleaner could be programmed with the help of infrared remote control, which has a comfortable usage of around 7 meters. The moment the Power VAC ends the cleaning, it simply finds the charging plugs and dock into the batteries to get recharged. A charged cleaner could handle the cleaning up to 45 minutes in one go, hence you have all reasons to purchase the Milagrow Robocop Robotic Floor cleaners.

Find Here The Specifications of Robocop

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