Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door spy photos suggest it’s an EV

A couple of years ago, Mercedes-AMG showed the Vision AMG concept car, a sleek four-door EV concept. And it seems it was sort of previewing the next generation of the AMG GT 4-Door, at least based on these spy photos. We’re not talking about just the styling either, as it looks like these prototypes are just as electric as that concept.

We’ll address that powertrain first. Looking at the front, almost the entire front end is sealed up from air flow. Only a small lower inlet is exposed. If this was still using one of the GT’s twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8s or turbo 3.0-liter I6s, it would need a lot more airflow to keep them cool. Furthermore, there aren’t exhaust tips at the rear. So it sure seems like this new model will be all-electric. Or at the very least, an all-electric version of it is going to be available.

Now onto the looks. This new GT 4-Door looks proportionally longer, lower and wider than the current iteration. Contributing to this are the longer tail with more of an overhang and the way the front wheels are pushed farther forward with more distance between the base of the windshield and where the front axle is. The roof does look lower in general, which helps the sides look less bulky. 

The lengthened tail is also a touch shared with the Vision AMG concept. And we can make out the flowing, full-width headlight band similar to the concept as well as some other EQ models. And while the old GT 4-Door had some seriously curvy and wide fenders, this has more vertically pronounced fender accentuation, closer to the Vision AMG. Also, while there likely won’t be a grille in the traditional sense, we expect the car will have a solid panel that suggests one, again like the Vision AMG.

With the heavy amount of camouflage, we wouldn’t be surprised if we still have awhile before we see the production car, possibly more than a year. Performance should be impressive, covering a wide range of output like the current model. The benchmark will be the current GT 63 S E Performance Hybrid with 831 horsepower and 1,033 pound-feet of torque. All-wheel drive will probably be standard, as it is today, and that could mean at least two motors, if not more. It will likely use the AMG EA platform teased with the Vision AMG’s reveal, which will utilize many electric components and technology developed entirely within Mercedes, rather than co-developed with outside companies such as Panasonic or LG, among others.

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