Link Value: Are Welcoming To Your Blog


The concept link building is the cornerstone of any SEO campaign. The broad aspect of achieving the top positions in search engines is derived only with the help of link popularity. . Moreover any link you optimize will create a greater impact on search engine optimization. But it is to be noted that all links does not produce worth to your blog.

Main feature of links

Typically the key factor behind link building is “relevance” and you should try to focus on this point with a mode to comprehend the quality links enriched on the web. However relevance of the website should gradually link back to your site and it is necessary to provide a relevant link by way of creating an impact on the search engine rankings. Apart from this, launching a successful blog is not an easy task. It involves a lot of steps to be followed in order to impute a triumphant blog. Further the bloggers indulge themselves in blogging as they want to earn money in online.

It is also noticed that Google uses links to establish the topic of the content in which the link is pointing. One of the keyword of link building is anchor text and make sure that you don’t exceed 100% anchor text links back to your blog posts. There are around three links in a way to adhere a visibility to your blogs. Now let us have a quick glance:

1. Type 1 link- Target keywords

Always make sure that you focus on target keywords in the links since it will be considered as the most visited website of the users. An “ideal” link should be used for framing exact keywords. Likewise a “good” link can be activated in case of using individual keywords in the anchor text. Generally when you want to rank for the email marketing software phrase then the above link terms should be optimized in the anchor text. Hence these types of links are more exclusive and it has to be bought from other alternatives.

2. Type 2 link- Theme relevant pages

Ironically this type of link is based upon the specific target terms and it has an excellent impact on your rankings in search engine. Moreover it is easy to facilitate this link as it does not concentrate on exact keyword phrase. Perhaps all websites connecting to email marketing falls on this category and the links are ranked based on the terms “how to launch email newsletters” and also “how to enhance email list”. Consequently any websites optimizing blog around email marketing can herald with type 2 links.

3. Type 3 link- Unrelated websites

These are links which produce information from unrelated websites. Even this type of links can create a greater impact if they are properly utilized with effective keywords and phrases in the anchor text. However a link from unrelated site combined with unrelated anchor text will be of no use. It is compulsory to manipulate certain relevant contents to the link.

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